Friday, February 03, 2006

Ringmaster Muhammad & the Islamic Circus

I have waited to comment on the 'Muhammad cartoon' tirade because I felt that I needed to ruminate an honest response. I have always been disgusted with Arab media, who still print Nazi-style political propaganda cartoons in their newspapers, and am equally fed up with Western media who always print political cartoons that depict Israel as an apartheid state. And with that train of logic it suddenly hit me: I love what the Danish newspaper did, and furthermore, that the other European newspapers followed suit and reprinted the depiction of Mohammed. Why? Because I am pale from the fact that it is only considered politically correct to attack Israel, but a taboo to insult Islam or the Arab world. I am not saying that I think that the cartoons are in good taste, nor do I think that insulting other people's religions is appropriate. What I am saying is that as a matter of principal, it's nice to see that the sheeple of Europe are slowly coming out of their comatose and realizing that Islam is a walking time bomb. The one bit of irony in this entire episode is the hypocrisy that consistently defines the Arab and Muslim world. In one such example, Mohamed Mestiri, head of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, warned that Islam would not tolerate criticism. And he had to tell us this? This is no doubt obvious after the hostage taking, riots, and threats of violence that they have responded with. What ever happened to “Islam is the religion of peace”? I mean, G-d forbid that a sacred Muslim demagogue be insulted, but as for the consecrated items of Judaism and Christianity, the Muslims see this as open game. They find it to be perfectly acceptable to burn our flags, behead our citizens, insult our religious practices, and murder our children. And why? Because according to them, “Allah wills it.” It appears as though they have felt the sting of retribution for Islam’s twisted logic, and the pain of their own failures is too much to bear. So maybe my support for the European media is simply the aroma of reprisal that the political cartoon represents. Either way, I am just elated to see that the Europeans still have a backbone and that the freedom of expression is more important than the will of the enemy. Now if we could just get them to write a few pro-Israel articles… nah, that’s probably asking too much. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Amona & the Desecration of The Name

I woke up today to find that my beloved homeland has fallen deeper into disgrace. Words cannot express the despair that dwells within my soul. In the footage from the Amona expulsion, I witnessed the supposed protectors of our Jewish nation picking a fight with women and children. I witnessed anti-terror units beating Jews and giving Hamas yet another reason to claim victory. How can such a thing have happened to Jews in a Jewish nation? How can those who have vowed to protect their own perform such a horrible act of chillul Hashem? When a Jew is knocked down, the nations of the world mock Hashem. We are tied to Him, and Him to us. When our names are mocked, so is His own. I am so utterly ashamed that I do not know what to tell the non-Jews. How can I even begin to explain to them the desecration of the covenant? How can I even try to explicate with sound reasoning as to how we have dropped to such a low level? It is times like these when my soul longs for Moshiach. I desperately know that we need our promised strong leader to be revealed and to come to our rescue. Yet, I have found that I am ashamed to ask Hashem for this. There are countless opinions as to what must happen before we are deserving of Moshiach, but putting this aside, how can I declare to Hashem that we are worthy? To ask for such is to ask Hashem to save us from ourselves. Miracle after miracle was given to us, and yet we throw it back up in the face of Hashem. Is this truly the new definition of our people? A people who have forgotten His promises? No doubt the secular Zionist movement failed us, but we should have expected as much. Without an unabated love for Hashem and without the belief that our covenant is the very tie that binds us to the land, what good is Zionism? If your basis for the love of the land is historical, your love will fade away. But if your love for it based upon Torah, your love will last forever. As an American Jew, I am historically tied to America as much as I am to Israel. Does this mean that America is my promised land? What makes Israel my final destination and America yet a stepping-stone in my life is the fact that Hashem did not promise America to me, he promised Eretz Yisrael to my ancestors, my descendants, and myself. That is the only concrete claim that I have to my beloved land. The Creator of the universe saw fit to make a small strip of land surrounded by hostile neighbors my promise of safety. He vowed to make the desert bloom because of my very presence! How can I find the nerve to ask for more than this? He saw fit to give me a gift that is greater than anything that could possibly be surpassed by mortals. He promised me protection from the wolves if I would only believe in His promise to me, and keep his mitzvos. We have failed Hashem because we have failed our own non-religious brethren. We accepted the fact that they were Jews and yet we refused to recognize that it was our mission to bring them back to Torah observance. In failing them, we have failed ourselves. No longer do we dread the fascists breaking down our doors. It is now a Jew who does it instead. To make matters worse, we cannot blame the left or center for our ills. We need to look inside ourselves to seek the blame. We knew good and well, Ariel Sharon in power or not, that the next expulsion was approaching. And what did we do on the right? Nothing! Our leadership on the right refused to come together because they were more worried about who would hold or lose cabinet seats than they were about losing the very land they took an oath to protect. What a shameful people we have become! The chickens have come home to roost, and we opened the door for them. When the tzahal and mishtara follow the orders of expulsion, don’t waste your breath screaming at them for the chillul Hashem that they are performing. We need to scream at ourselves. We are to blame, and yet we refuse to recognize our own ignorance. And because our own refusal of self-introspection, we will sit here and do nothing once again. How can we find the nerve to ask G-d to help us when we won’t help ourselves? Stop asking when enough will be enough for the nation. Instead, ask when will enough be enough for us on the right. We are the Torah observant minority, and yet the responsibility of the nation rests on our very shoulders. We still believe in the promises of G-d, and it is our duty to Him to sacrifice all for the sake of the covenant. If we do not do so, then all of our tears will have been shed in vain, and we will find ourselves staring at our own demise.

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