Monday, January 02, 2006

Now Fatah, Those are Some Friendly Terrorists

Israel openly supports Arab terrorism. The territory that is currently being occupied by the self-proclaimed “Palestinians” is a battleground where terrorist factions fight over the scraps of land that Israel ran from. The current Israeli administration promotes the idea of “divesting” from the so-called settlements. The very definition of divesting from a possession is to completely remove one’s self from it… to cut it off as though it were a limb being dispossessed of. Although it is well known how I feel about this tactic, that is not the item up for discussion today. Assuming that we continue down this route of national suicide and return ourselves to the pre-1967 borders, how is it that we are able to divest without divesting? Israel is at the forefront in counter-terrorism, and has been fighting Islamic fundamentalism when the West was still laughing as though it were a problem that would never visit their own front yards. With this being said, I would like to go back to my first comment… “Israel openly supports Arab terrorism”. Instead of following the old definition that a terrorist is a terrorist, Israel has adopted the Western idea of the “good terrorist”; not all terrorists are bad, some of them serve a purpose. Fatah and the al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade are directly and openly tied to the Palestinian Authority. The commanders of both groups are run by and take orders from the “Palestinian government” led by Mahmoud Abbas. I won’t even waste space in this post reminding readers of the murderous acts they have taken against Jews. Israel openly supports the Palestinian Authority, and by doing so, also supports the two above mentioned terrorist organizations. The “Palestinian Authority" needs their terrorist cells. Not simply to kill Jews I mind you, but also to kill their fellow Arabs. They are at war with Hamas for control of the land and people, and their own terrorist wings routinely fight against Hamas for control. Israel supports the “Palestinian Authority” terrorists because they have decided that they are better off with them rather than Hamas. It’s the great defeatist attitude: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Israel (and America) openly recognize Hamas as a terrorist organizations. Israel consistently brings the war to Hamas and attacks her when the opportunity arises. Why? Well according to theory, the only response to terrorist acts is to strike back with a vengeance. We are supposedly teaching them a lesson. But really though, the lesson we should be considering is what are we teaching our children? Are we to teach the next generation of Jewish youth that it is acceptable to negotiate with some terrorists and not others? “It’s okay sweetie, the Palestinian Authority are good terrorists, but Hamas, now those are some bad people.” And if this shall be our reaction, what should be the litmus test that goes along with our lesson to them? How do we define which Arab is a good murderer of Jews and who is the bad one? Or better yet, when do we actually awake and realize that this is insanity, and that the new Jewish “enlightment” is actually a dark tunnel that leads to the grave? I am just amazed that we prayed to return for two-thousand years only to give up on the Jewish idea in less than 60 years. I spend a lot of time blasting the West for pressuring Israel to bow to terrorism, but I know that my energy is better spent verbally assaulting our own leadership. It's our stupidity at the end of the day, and more of our own dead, and we can't blame the West for that. We have to look inside our own camp and purge the enemy within... ignorance.


Blogger Tova Shulamit said...

MAein and Amein. Wow what do we do in this situation. I am stumped and don't know how to fix it. Yes there are some--not many Arabs who wish to live in peace--I know a few of them but what do you do with cancerous growth amongst the majority? Do you kill them all and pray for forgiveness for the ones who were innocent or do you let the cancer survive and take the chance of it spreading to the other areas. We have gotten ourselves into a pickle.

Great post Zion.. You keep me on my toes

1/02/2006 09:39:00 PM  
Blogger westbankmama said...

I think this comes from a need to try and control the situation, while still doing it in a "PC" way. If I kill the terrorists, but leave the supposedly moderate Arabs alone, then that doesn't make me racist, does it! The main problem is the definition of Fatah as "moderate".

It doesn't make sense, and those of us who see the situation as adults see through it.

1/03/2006 01:54:00 AM  
Blogger ifyouwillit said...

I'd been tagged, and now it's your turn. If you're into that sort of thing, check out MEME4 at


1/03/2006 09:28:00 AM  
Blogger ifyouwillit said...

It's not too long ago that Hamas were cosidered armed militants rather than terrorists. 9/11 made the world wake up a tad and see terrorism on the doorsteps, but why it is allowed to continue on our doorstep escapes me.

1/03/2006 09:48:00 AM  
Blogger Stevin said...

I think ignorance and appeasement go hand in hand. Would Israel view Hamas as the lesser of two evils if Hamas were in power? I wonder...

1/03/2006 05:21:00 PM  
Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report said...


thank you for the kind compliment. as for your comment, i agree, it's a tough situation to be in. and honestly i am at a loss. while i am certainly not a kahanist, i sometimes wonder if that man really did have a lot of truth to what he said. the cancer is eating us alive...


i agree with you as well.. PC attitudes are killing us (literally), and it looks like our leadership is willing to bury us to be looked at kindly by the goyim.


I agree, but unfortunately the Bush administration seems to value American lives more than Jewish lives. For him there is no excuse for the death of an American, but a dead Jew is simply a pawn in his pursuit of a legacy. it's a shame.


believe it or not, i hope to G-d that Hamas wins big time in the elections. they WILL NOT negotiate with us, and I think that is wonderful.

when the Leftist Jews of the country realize that the so-called Palestinians are really our enemies, and not partners for peace, then we can go in and really take care of the problem that is our internal cancer.

1/03/2006 07:40:00 PM  

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