Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ashamed of the Magen David, The Ongoing Saga

Reuters Reports: GENEVA, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Switzerland is "moderately" confident that Israel will be admitted to the Red Cross and Red Crescent this week, ending a decades-old wait, even if not all Islamic states agree yet, a top official said on Sunday. Swiss ambassador Blaise Godet, who will chair a two-day conference of signatory states to the Geneva Conventions, starting on Monday, said that negotiations continued on the adoption of an additional emblem for the movement to allow Israel to join. "I am moderately confident," Godet told Reuters. "Practically all delegations want to see an end to this issue which has been on the agenda for five decades," he added. Tovya says: We can betray who we are, and even then the world does not accept us with open arms. You see, it's not about the Magen David being removed and replaced with a box/diamond symbol. The star is simply a reminder to those who hate us of what we really are. We are Jews, and therefore they will always hold us in disdain. If a zebra paints himself pink, will that keep a hungry lion from eating him? Of course not, he is a lion and it's within his nature to hunt the zebra. Likewise, we are Jews and no matter what shade we try to cover ourselves in, at the end of the day we are no different than what we were before. Therefore the lion of anti-semitism will still hunt us down because the Magen David is branded on our souls, and we can't hide that inside a box.


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