Thursday, December 29, 2005

Zion Report is Nominated for Best Israel Advocacy Blog!

Apparently I have been nominated amongst others as one of the best Israel Advocacy blogs on the internet. I don't know who or what got me on the list, but I think it's pretty cool. I also noticed that my buddy Jameel's blog was also nominated, congrats brother! Anyway, I think my chances are slim to get the number one spot, but I'll take just making the list period. Or this could be a joke nomination page that I have been suckered by. Oh well, I guess I shall see. Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully the coming year will bring new and wonderful stories to write about instead of the sad rants that I had to take part in this year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

News Flash: J.C. is Alive and Well, Anti-Semitism Continues

(above) Q. What do get when you mix two clowns, a priest, and the eucharist? A. The Anglican Church. The Times of London reports: “THE Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, used his Christmas sermon to attack the way that Bethlehem has been treated. ...He described it as a town “corralled” and “blocked in” by checkpoints, with the economy decimated by the security measures taken by Israel in its own fight against terror. Pleading for the soul of Bethlehem, the Cardinal said: “The Christ Child is crying for the town of his birth.” Tovya says: Well, the good thing is if the kid is crying, that means he is alive. And if he is still alive, then they can't blame us for killing him anymore. Okay, enough with the sarcasm on my part. In all seriousness though, don't you ever get sick of the Anglicans? It's not like people are that stupid; they know exactly what they are saying. Everyone knows that the the Western world can't stand it when a Jew defends himself. And please, do not mistake me as a supporter of the seperation fence, because I AM NOT! But the point is that the Anglican Church, along with the rest of the world, hate to see a Jew do anything that constitutes defense. They whine and complain non-stop about the "poor Palestinians" but are silent when Jewish children are left mangled and dead on the street after a terrorist has his way with them. They are stuck in the broken-record of "blame the Jews", and look for every opportunity to continue such ignorance. To be Jewish is to know that you will never have peace prior to the redemption (or death, whichever comes first). We are not shocked that we are hated, we just can't help but sit back and wonder what the heck is wrong with people. The problem with Leftists/Liberals is that they need a victim. I mean that. It's not that they love to help victims, it's that they love to CREATE victims. Without a victim, and without someone else to blame for their problems, they have no reason to live. Therefore they created the "Palestinian" victim, and blamed their low existence on everyone's favorite scapegoat. Did you ever hear them utter a word about Arafat ripping them off out billions of dollars? Of course not. They treated him like "Grand-pa" and they treated us like the neighborhood menace. There is nothing new about this. And worst off, our own leadership is leading the charge against us. Jew versus Jew. Kind of nostalgic to the early years of the common era, no? At the end of the day, it is up to us to put an end to this non-sense by waking up and doing what we need to do to survive. The goyim will never love us prior to the end, and nothing we can say or do will change that. They, like the Romans before them, only respect a Jew when he stands up and kicks them back in the teeth. Then they take notice that we are not a people who enjoy being pushed around. Jewish strength is respected, and Jewish cowardice is mocked. That's the way it's supposed to be.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Even the Communists Love Comrade Tovya

I was in low-spirits until I ran across a website that was kind enough to make mention of me. Louis Godena of the "Marxist International" at Harvard University had some unkind words concerning my political ideology, and to be honest with you, I couldn't be happier. Godena stated, "I started asking myself whether or not [Tovya] is a Kahanist. I said to myself, if this guy is not a Kahanist, then he is sure doing a great imitation of one. Then I went and checked his blog and what do you know? Tovya really is a Kahanist." While I am certainly no "Kahanist" as Godena had stated, I certainly look at myself as a lover of Zion in the same fashion that Meir Kahane was during his life. I have always seen myself as out of the mainstream, and proudly so I might add, but I have never had my name and the late Meir Kahane's mentioned in the same article. It's very flattering even if his reason for doing so was anything but flattery. Anytime a self-proclaimed Marxist (aka Communist) finds displeasure with me, I can't help but kickback and smile. I receive many ranting emails from Arabs across the globe, and I am just happy to know that the Communist idealists hold me on the same level of disdain as them. Therefore, in closing, my spirits are much higher now, and I want to thank Comrade Godena for making my day better. Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah to all.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

We Have Lived to See This Day, and for This I Am Happy

There is so much to comment on, and so many thing I would like to express concerning the current state of our people. But I will refrain from speaking my mind this once. Despite the depresive state we are in, I can be nothing but happy that I have lived to see this day. I could have easily been born in a Polish shtetl, but Hashem chose to allow me to be born in the time of the coming redemption. I can be nothing but grateful for his graciousness. Although oceans and land masses seperate me from my homeland, I know that despite the current circumstances, I will be reunited with the land that I desire to walk upon. Can you imagine our ancestors even contemplating such a thing? They davened daily for the blessing to return home, and our generation has returned home because Hashem chose us to be the ones who would re-occupy the land. It was not our ancestors whom were chosen, but us who live to see this day. No matter what the future shall reveal, the one thing that I know is that Hashem will surely remember the righteous, and as long as we remain faithful to Him, He will not forsake us. Our covenant with Him is eternal, and I believe that despite our pain, we shall be the ones who will witness the revelation of Moshiach. May the world be prepared for the coming redemption, and may the nations repent of their oppresion of us before that day comes. Hashem yilacheim lachem v'atem tacharishun ...and in this I find solitude, for we do not fight alone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Screwed at Every Turn and Then Some

I hate to sound negative, but we really are in sad shape on the Right. I mean, Bibi Netanyahu is our new "Right Wing" leader (or at least the closest thing to it) and he failed his Zionist litmus test on his last go-round. So what are we to do? Moshe Feiglin, as much as I love the guy, obviously doesn't stand a chance in the modern defeatist Israeli state. We need to step back and take a moment for some serious introspection. Where is the religious Right headed and how are we going to stop future withdrawls without a strong Zionist leadership at the helm? These are questions I have no answer to, and honestly I am extremely worried about our nation's well being. What is our plan, and how do we intend to get there? The next retreat is just around the corner, and the best we could do was Bibi?? Is this a sign that we are screwed or that we have given up? What's the deal?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Fellow jBloggers, Thank You

The only news worthy story of the week is that Arik Sharon had chest pains, so I have decided to spread the joy by showing open recognition to the bloggers who keep me inspired and entertained at every moment of the week. Yes I, Tovya the supreme infidel, would like to recognize the greatness that makes the jblogsphere unlike any other. Okay then, where should I start? (A) Because I have verbally spoken with Jameel Rashid of the Muqata, I would like to take this moment to recognize his ability to survive his business trip into Santa-Land. Thank you Jameel for your wonderful insight for us Jews who reside in galus... you are truly an inspiration. (B) Ze'ev Orenstein of Israel Perspectives is a person who always says exactly what I am thinking, but in a much more civil manner than I could accomplish. He is an outstanding writer, and a true patriot. Thank you Ze'ev. (C) Cosmix X of, well, the Comic X blog is always giving us a beautiful mix of politics and social life within Jerusalem. He has great taste in music and a great perspective on life. (D) Max (The Nice Jewish Boy) is another pristine example of greatness in Jewish blogs. He is a conservative American Jew such as myself, and says whatever is on his mind despite the consequences. To be a Jew and a conservative in America is a paradox at best, but individuals such as him make me proud to be part of the same crowd. (E) Eitan of Hear O'Israel is a one-of-a-kind example of a secular Jew who says what he means, and means what he says. I admit that I have never been close to most secularists, but Eitan is a guy who I would happily lay down my life for. He is an outstanding Zionist, and a great blog-buddy. (F) Stevin of Moby Shtick is another outstanding Jew who happens to have great taste in literature. My only hope is that one day him and I both are able to meet face-to-face in Eretz Yisrael as brothers. (G) 'If You Will It' of the Aliyah '05 blog has my admiration for his ability to enter the lame nation of France and still manage to retain the energy to return home to Israel. I have to admit that if I ever found myself in France, I am sure that I would fall into a fit of depression and take a plunge off of the Eifel Tower. Thank you for being a pillar of strength when visiting the diaspora. Once again, thank you to my blog family for being such pillars of strength. You are pristine examples of how people should conduct their lives. May all of you be blessed by Hashem.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Arab Cancer Within the Knesset

Ynet Reports: Israel is the 20th century's greatest robbery, carried out in broad daylight, Arab Knesset member Azmi Bishara (National Democratic Assembly) told a Lebanese audience last week during a speech at an Arab book fair in Beirut. "I will never recognize Zionism even if all Arabs do," he said. "I will never concede Palestine. The battle is still long." Bishara, who recently launched his campaign for an additional term in the Knesset, left for Lebanon five days ago without consent from the Interior Ministry, Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday. His harsh anti-Israel message at the fair was quoted by Lebanese newspaper As -Safir. "The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not a demographic dispute, but a national one," he said. "It's not the problem of 1.2 million Palestinians living in Israel. They are like all Arabs, only with Israeli citizenship forced upon them." "We are the original residents of Palestine, not those who came from Poland and Russia," the MK added. Tovya says: I know this is nothing new from Arab MKs, and certainly nothing new from Bishara, but you have to wonder about our stupidity every once in awhile. How many countries in the world allow their enemies to hold government positions? The answer is only our Jewish nation. You consistently hear Israelis brag about how allowing Arabs to hold Knesset seats displays our goodness. I disagree. I think it's a display of weakness, and I know that our enemies see it as such. To allow a sworn enemy, who actively supports the destruction of the nation who pays his salary, to maintain his position is suicidal at best. How long can we continue down this path of ignorance? Must we face galus again (G-d forbid) to wakeup and find the will to survive? Or have we become so accustomed to being serfs that we like being treated like vermon? All I can wish for is the coming redemption to speedily arrive, because I think that is our only hope.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Spielberg: Schindler's List Sequel Coming Soon

Spielberg: Israeli counter-terrorism and Palestinian terrorism, what's the difference?

The Forward reports: Less than two weeks before its high-profile holiday debut, Steven Spielberg's new film is being criticized by Israeli officials and American Jewish commentators for its portrayal of Israel's response to the murder of 11 of its athletes at the 1972 Olympics. In a December 11 interview with Israel Radio, Danoch, Israel's Los Angeles consul general, said the film was guilty of "a certain pretentiousness in attempting to treat a painful decades-long conflict by means of quite superficial statements in a movie." He reportedly criticized Spielberg for basing the movie on Canadian journalist George Jonas's book "Vengeance," which many Israeli experts claim has been discredited. Danoch also said that the film was guilty of morally equating Israeli agents with Palestinian terrorists. Spielberg's critics include former Mossad officials as well as journalists in the United States and Israel. "I think it is a tragedy that a person of the stature of Steven Spielberg ... should have based this film on a book that is a falsehood," David Kimche said in an interview with The New York Times. Kimche was a senior Mossad official in the 1970s. In a recent cover story in Time magazine, Spielberg said: "I'm always in favor of Israel responding strongly when it's threatened. At the same time, a response to a response doesn't really solve anything. It just creates a perpetual-motion machine." Tovya says: Steven Spielberg is an idiot. So he thinks that terrorism and STOPPING terrorism are one in the same? What does he expect us to do, just bend over and take it where we've taken it for the last 2000 years? And we have to hear this nonsense from the same man who brought us Schindler's List? It just goes to show you, Hollywood turns Jews into goyim, and that we may have created Hollywood, but we sure as hell don't run it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Jewish Soul Remaining Jewish... Priceless

We get assaulted from every angle at every moment. Islamofacist hordes await around every corner in hope of dancing on our graves, and the world sits back and watches with utter glee. Our own leadership gladly plays the role of the accomplice, and happily bows down to the demands of the world by removing us from our eternal homeland. Yet it doesn't end with simply a physical assault. The fight I am writing about transcends the dust of the ground. We are unique in that we have foes who want to keep us alive; Not because they really love us for who we are, but because they love us for what they want us to become. They want our souls. You see, dead Jews can't be converted to Christianity, and their religious doctrine specifically targets Jews as the ultimate converts. To convert a Hindu is like getting 4 out 6 numbers on a lottery ticket. Not bad, but not great either. But to convert a Jew? That's like getting all 6 numbers and hitting the jackpot. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade by blasting evangelicals, but these people are no friends of ours. Any friendship that is not based upon the mutual respect of another person's beliefs is not really the makings of a true friendship. Have we not seen this before? Have we not felt the so-called "love" of the Christians for the last 2000-years? On Tuesday, Arutz Sheva reported about such missionary activities in the town of Arad. In particular, groups such as wannabe-Jews for J.C. (or the "heebless jebus-freak organization" if you'd prefer) feel that they have the right to missionize us, and that we should do nothing except "follow them to the cross". Our good missionary "friends" are doing their utmost to pressure the Israeli government to tell those Jews who would dare oppose their conversion tactics to backoff. That's right, our evangelical "allies" have the nerve to tell us not to defend our souls from their assault. They shower us with "support" and money, and now they want us to make good on our debt to them. Why? Because their friendship comes with a price. You let us 'witness' to you, and then we'll be your friends. The price for their alignment with us is our souls. Forgive me for verbally assaulting such a grand friendship, but you'll have to understand that I was raised to believe that any friendship should come without strings attached. And if the evangelicals can't love me for being just an old-fashioned Jew who rejects their J.C., then it's a love that I can do without. The only thing more important than our land is our souls, and we shouldn't bargain that away for anything either. It truly doesn't matter if the Christians give us a lick of support anyway. We survive another day not by their good graces, but by the arm of Hashem who made a single eternal covenant with us... and that's good enough for me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Archbishop Christodoulos: A Trip to Israel is a Trip to Hell

Kathimerni (Herald Tribune) reports: A speech by the outspoken head of the Church of Greece, Archbishop Christodoulos, during which he used a little-known and old-fashioned phrase that links Israel with hell, drew criticism from the Israeli Embassy yesterday. “We are headed for Israel, or hell, in other words,” said Christodoulos, speaking at the Aghios Spyridon Church in Athens. “We see that the forces of darkness are undermining this country and are trying to remove Christianity from Greece and create a new order in our society so that in a few years nobody remembers God or the Church.” The Israeli Embassy in Athens reacted to the comments by saying that it was “unfortunate” that the archbishop had chosen to use an “antiquated phrase that portrays the state of Israel in a negative light.” “We are convinced the archbishop fully respects the high moral standards which the state of Israel is based on,” the statement added. Tovya says: He respects high moral standards? Was it the fact that he equated a rendevous to Israel with a trip to hell that convinced the Israeli embassy spokesman of such, or was it because he "blames the Jews" for his nation's abiding by European Union regulations? Archbishop Christodoulos is an anti-Semite who should be barred from entry into Israel. I don't care who he is, or what position he holds, Israel IS Jewish, and the racist Greek Orthodox Church has no place in our G-d given homeland. Side Note: For those of you who think that France is the most anti-Semitic European nation, I leave you with a few "political cartoons" that have appeared in the mainstream Greek press:
"Do you think that the Lord may be related to Hamas? Every time he is resuscitated they kill him again" (After the assassination of Sheikh Yassin) The woman asks: “Why did the Jewish Government kill a religious leader?” The man answers, “They are practicing for Easter.”

Mofaz: I Run from the Likud, Like Israel Ran from Gush Katif

The AP reports: Israel's defense minister quit the hard-line Likud Party on Sunday to join the new centrist party led by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Shaul Mofaz made the decision after Sharon promised to let him retain the defense portfolio if his new Kadima Party wins upcoming parliamentary elections, Mofaz's spokeswoman Talia Somech said. Mofaz, a former Israeli military chief, had been seeking the Likud leadership, but polls showed him trailing. Tovya says: No actually, he left the Likud because he's a loser too. He knew he wouldn't win out in the primaries, and bolted the party. That makes him a great Kadima politician. Remember kids, politics is 1% substance, and 99% hot gas.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tovya and His Secret MeMe Confession

Not even a week ago I was tagged by Ze'ev Orenstein to do one of those silly MeMe things. Then I got online today after work to find that I have been tagged yet again by another blog-buddy over at the Muqata. I almost don't have the energy to do another one. But Jameel was stuck in Santa-land (a.k.a. America) and managed to not take a leap off any bridges in disgust, and therefore to celebrate his continued life, I shall entertain his wishes by confessing. (A) I confess that I have never confessed before. I generally try to leave that to the Catholics. (B) I confess that I passed up Aliyah when I had a lot of money, and I gave in to the love of a woman over fulfilling my lifes dream of living in Eretz Yisrael. (and her and I are no more, and now I have to re-plan my Aliyah all over again) (c) I confess that missionaries creep me out, and that I avoid them like the Black Plague. (D) I confess that I was born and raised a proud Zionist, and I will die one as well. (E) I confess that I promised that I would never be frum, and then I woke up one moring and realized I went that direction anyway. (F) I confess that I was an FBI informant against Arab terror at one point in my life. (G) I confess that I get giddy everytime I dream about the Beis Hamikdash being rebuilt in my lifetime. (H) I confess that I really am Tovya, and it's not just a blogger name (but no my last name is not really HaKofer (though I sure feel like it sometimes) :-) (I) I confess that I hate confessing. Okay Jameel, be happy now. My confession was a celebratory statement of my happiness for your making it back home. I will not tag anyone with this one, because I just tagged my blog-buddies a few days ago, and I cannot bear the thought of dragging them down to the pits twice in one week. L'Chaim

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Covenant and Anti-Semitism

I found a clipping of the below article stuck in an old Jewish history book my grandfather gave me. Because the article is so old, I had to hand type the article to make it available on the World Wide Web. The article isn’t perfect, but I like it enough to re-print it. ================= Article Title: Label Origins Misinterpreted Publication Date: Unknown Author: Sydney J. Harris (1917-1986) ================= Stepping off the plane in Chicago, we were assailed by a high, cold wind blowing off the lake. “I see now,” said a fellow passenger, “why Chicago is called the windy city.” But he didn’t see at all. Chicago began being called the windy city for a political, not a meteorological, reason. It is only about the 35th in wind velocity among U.S. cities--but the name alone convinces visitors of its windiness, and thus the myth perpetuates itself indefinitely. Much the same happens to other misnomers that get stuck in the public mind—the most long-term and tragic, perhaps, being the epithet “the chosen people,” as applied to the Jews throughout history. The ignorant and the prejudiced (who are often the same) imagine that this is a name taken by the Jews themselves to signify their superiority and their favoritism in the eyes of G-d. But this is a blatant misreading of the Bible. In the [Tanakh], the Jews were “chosen” as an example by G-d, not as a specimen of superiority. They were…judged more harshly than other peoples, because they had been given His word and were expected to live up to it. This was a dreadful burden, more than an unalloyed honor. It was like a school principal picking one pupil out of a class and saying: “You understand the rules here. If you follow them, and behave yourself, and act as a good example for the others, I will see that you get high grades and are taken care of. If not, then I’ll punish you as an example to the others of what will happen to them.” Unlike most historical books, which show the nation in the best possible light, the [Tanakh] includes all the diatribes of the Hebrew prophets, who castigate the Israelites for failing to live up to G-d’s expectations. “I will visit all your iniquities upon you,” G-d is quoted as saying, by Amos—and it is this sense of being responsible to G-d that has shaped the Jewish character, even among those no longer consciously believe it. Being chosen can be a scarring and even deforming experience—just contemplate the reaction of the other children in school toward the one who is arbitrarily selected to be the model! The day the covenant was drawn up was the first day of anti-Semitism

War Against the Jews, Chapter 5766

European Jewish Press reports: Israeli academic Professor Robert Aumann received the Nobel economics prize at a glitzy ceremony in Stockholm on Saturday night. But the award was marred by a large group of intellectuals who called for the prize to be withdrawn because of Aumann’s support for the Israeli “occupation” of Palestinian land. Although no mention of the protest was made at the award ceremony, attended by some 1,600 people, around 1,000 critics had already signed a petition sent to the Swedish Academy to express their disgust at the decision to give Aumann and Schelling the award. Describing Aumann, who works at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as a member of a hawkish think tank, the critics wrote: “Aumann uses his analysis to justify the Israeli occupation and the oppression of the Palestinians.“ Tovya says: As usual, a Jew who believes that a Jew has the right to live in Jewish land is branded a racist. The world cannot accept a Jew who believes in Jewish strength. They will only accept a Jew who believes that we were meant to fulfill the will of the non-Jewish nations. In other words, it's pure racism. As I have stated time and time again, the world is always looking for a reason to take a stand against a Jew. Why? Because there is nothing new under the sun.

Palestinians Lie as Another Jewish Mother Cries

Another online video has been released by Second Draft concerning the lies that come out of the Palestinian verison of Hollywood (Pallywood). The "Palestinian victim" is nothing more than a well scripted movie meant to sway world opinion against Israel. This newest release is concerning the lie behind the supposed murder of Muhamed al Durah at Netzarim Junction on September 30th 2000. Many of you may have already seen their previous video concerning the lies of Pallywood, and their newest release is no less eye opening. I highly recommend that any seeker of truth (especially those who have to "see it to believe it") watch both of these videos. They can be downloaded and viewed online for free here.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A New Strand of the MeMe Virus Has Struck

Yes, a new strand of the MeMe virus has struck with devastating effects. I called my doctor to ask him what I could do about it, and he asked me how I managed to catch this twisted sickness more than once. I told him that I was infected by Ze'ev Orenstein AGAIN, and he recommended that I tell Ze'ev to check out his vaccination records just to make sure they were up-to-date. Other than that, there is nothing he could do for me, as no cure for the new Book MeMe has been discovered So with that being said, considering that Chanukah is around the corner, and an ice storm has trapped me in my home, I shall be in good spirits and take part once again in the madness that is MeMe. (Note: please read the bottom as well to see if I passed on this infection to you.. be warned, ignoring a virus will only bring you further pain!) 15 books that I have read: 1. O'Jerusalem (Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre) - This was the first true taste of modern Jewish history that I ever read. Huge book, but worth every moment. 2. Israel's Ayatollahs (Raphael Mergui & Phillippe Simonnot) - A biased, anti-Right book, but still very informative. Most of the book is about Rabbi Meir Kahane (of blessed memory) and an interview between him and a Leftist reporter. It really gives you some good insight on his thoughts, and you realize that he really didn't get the credit that he deserved considering the current circumstances. 3. Lies: Israel's Secret Service and the Rabin Murder (David Morrison) - A good informative book, with similar theories as proposed by Barry Chamish, that describe an alternate theory concerning the murder of Yitzchak Rabin. 4. The Art of War (Sun Tzu) - Even if you detest reading about war, it's a great book to read for general life strategies. Also, if you want to get into the deceptive mind of a so-called Palestinian, this book provides lots of insight. 5. Civilization in Europe (J. Salwyn Schapiro) - This is a history book written in 1933. The author had no clue about the impending doom of WWII, and even went as far as predicting that Mussolini and Hitler would go to war AGAINST each other. He also goes into great detail about pre-Shoah German anti-semitism just before the war. 6. The Secret War Against the Jews (John Loftus & Mark Aarons) - Great book about the truth behind our great Western "allies" and reveals a lot of the "Jew-Screwing" that went on behind the scenes since 1948 (incl. spying on U.S. Jewery). 7. Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews (James Carroll) - Next time someone tells you that the Catholic Church has a "rich & beautiful history", force them to read this book. Be sure to give them a barf-bag along with the book. 8. Every Spy a Prince (Dan Raviv & Yossi Melman) - An indepth look at the history of the secrets of the Israeli intelligence community. Good reading. 9. Gideon's Spies (Gordon Thomas) - A pessimistic look at the Mossad, but some parts of the book are very interesting none-the-less. 10. History of the Jewish People (Max L. Margolis & Alexander Marx) - A very early JPS publication (circa 1927) about our history from Avraham Avinu to the Great War (WWI). Give a great pre-modern Israel perspective on the Zionist movement and the "hope of returning to Zion". 11. The Concise Code of Jewish Law (Rabbi Gersion Appel) - Really, it's not much of a "book-book", but it's more of a compilation/commentary of the Shulchan Aruch. This was a very helpful introduction to the halachot prior to being led by the hand by Chabad. 12. Nuclear Terrorism (Graham Allison) - Yeah you guessed it, it's about the prospect of nuclear terrorism. 13. The Federalist (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay) - An American historical classic that shaped the the democratic ideas of the United States. Maybe Ariel Sharon would be enlightened by reading this book. 14. London (Edward Rutherfurd) - A fictional story story based on the true history of London from the time of the pre-Roman Celts to modern times. It follows the history of a few families throughout history and how the intermingle, grow rich & poor, and feud with each other. Highly entertaining fun. 15. The Jewish Idea (Rabbi Meir Kahane) - Everything that came from his mouth was amazing. He really shaped me as a Zionist, and proved after all that "Kahane Really Was Right!" Okay, that's it for me, I think the virus has left my system. Oh yeah, and Ze'ev, I think my doctor was right, you might need to check your vaccination records just to play it safe. I'll pass this nasty little MeMe bug to: Max (the Nice Jewish Boy) Eitan (Hear O Israel) Stevin (Moby Shtick)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

IT is Coming Soon to a Muqata Near You

IT is coming. Yes, you heard me, IT is coming soon. When IT comes, you will never be the same. See it soon at the Muqata! IT's not there yet, but IT will be, so get ready for IT. What is IT? IT is a secret, so no peeking! You will never be the same after you have seen IT... trust me!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ami Ayalon: All Yesha Communities Beyond Fence Should Be Abandoned

Haaretz Reports: Former Shin Bet Chief Ami Ayalon, who is vying for a place on the Labor Party's Knesset list, said Tuesday that if it was up to him, no settlements outside major blocs would remain on the Palestinian side of the West Bank separation fence by 2010. "It is unethical to build houses, knowing that they will be destroyed, and it is immoral to send soldiers to kill and be killed over land that will not be controlled by Israel," Ayalon said at a meeting held with Ben-Gurion University students in Be'er Sheva. According to Ayalon, the Evacuation Compensation Law should apply to all settlements beyond the fence, and action must be taken immediately to destroy all illegal outposts. Tovya says: This should mean a lot to anyone who wonders what goes on behind closed doors. I can assure you that due-to Ayalon's former position, he knows good and well that the current (and future) Israeli government, regardless if it's led by Likud, Labor, or Kadima, have every intention of abandoning Eretz Yisrael. In other words, Ayalon knows that the Jews who have resettled Yesha are being and have been duped into believing that government really has intentions of keeping any major communities beyond the fence. As we knew all along, the fence is a border, and the current strategy of Jewish weakness (as in running away) is the official policy no matter who is in charge. It doesn't matter if it's Peretz, Peres, Sharon, or Netanyahu (or whomever), the powers that be are demanding that we bow down to their agenda. It's up to us to throw it back in their faces and stop them dead in their tracks. Gush Katif should be a painful reminder of what is to come... and they ARE coming.


I just realized that the reason that I haven't been getting any post comments is because I mistakingly turned on "comment moderation" which was blocking all new comments until I "approved them". To make a long story short, the issue is resolved, and my apologies!

Monday, December 05, 2005

You've Been Pre-Approved** for Membership!

Dear Israel, We wish to thank you for your recent application into the International Red Cross. We also would like to congratulate you on being pre-approved* for membership into this distinguished world body with a rich history**. It is our pleasure to give you the opportunity to make the most of your membership and proudly display your new insignia on you uniforms and ambulances***. We are sorry that we were unable to approve your Judaic religious symbol with your inclusion into the world body of Red Cross organizations, but you can be assured that the benefits of membership far outweigh the costs****. Once again welcome aboard, and we look forward to welcoming you as a full-fledged member***** of our foundation. Sincerely, The International Commitee of the Red Cross Terms and Conditions * You were pre-approved based upon information that was available to us concerning your zeal in kicking your fellow Jews out of their homes. If our board of directors later determines that you are no longer up to the task of further expulsions, your pre-approval may be revoked. ** This 'rich history' may include multiple acts of Anti-Semitism that we do not hold ourselves responsible for. The International Red Cross cannot guarantee that that Islamic members of the commitee will not continue using ambulances to transport terrorists. *** From time-to-time, we may require you to wear a Yellow Star of David on your shoulder so that you will not be able to blend in with our other care workers. **** The costs may include public humiliation, the de-Judification of the Magen David Adom, and allowing your medical personnel to go into harms way without the ability to bear arms or be accompanied by a armed guards. ***** The term full-fledged membership is used for illustrative purposes only. Please bear in mind that you are Jews, and in our eyes you will always be sub-human. As long as you remember that your place is beneath us, I am sure that our relationship will be a long-lasting one.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ashamed of the Magen David, The Ongoing Saga

Reuters Reports: GENEVA, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Switzerland is "moderately" confident that Israel will be admitted to the Red Cross and Red Crescent this week, ending a decades-old wait, even if not all Islamic states agree yet, a top official said on Sunday. Swiss ambassador Blaise Godet, who will chair a two-day conference of signatory states to the Geneva Conventions, starting on Monday, said that negotiations continued on the adoption of an additional emblem for the movement to allow Israel to join. "I am moderately confident," Godet told Reuters. "Practically all delegations want to see an end to this issue which has been on the agenda for five decades," he added. Tovya says: We can betray who we are, and even then the world does not accept us with open arms. You see, it's not about the Magen David being removed and replaced with a box/diamond symbol. The star is simply a reminder to those who hate us of what we really are. We are Jews, and therefore they will always hold us in disdain. If a zebra paints himself pink, will that keep a hungry lion from eating him? Of course not, he is a lion and it's within his nature to hunt the zebra. Likewise, we are Jews and no matter what shade we try to cover ourselves in, at the end of the day we are no different than what we were before. Therefore the lion of anti-semitism will still hunt us down because the Magen David is branded on our souls, and we can't hide that inside a box.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Arabs: America Stole Democracy from Us

University of Maryland/Zogby International poll: People in Arab nations believe the Iraq war has brought less peace, more terrorism and contrary to Washington's claims, will result in less democracy, according to a poll published Friday. Eighty-one percent of respondents said the Iraq war had brought "less peace" to the Middle East, while only six percent believed it had enhanced peace. Seventy-eight percent of people questioned believed the Iraq war had resulted in more terrorism than before, while 58 percent said it brought less democracy, with only nine percent believing it enhanced democratic development. While the administration of President George W. Bush frequently argues that it has liberated Iraqis from Saddam Hussein, only six percent of those surveyed believed that the Iraqi people were better off after the war. Seventy-seven percent thought they were worse off. Tovya says: Folks, the Arabs are crackpots... no doubt about it. Their 12th century brains seriously feel that life was better with Saddam Hussein. I mean, they really believe that Iraq was "democratic" when Saddam was in power and that America came along and messed everything up. That's why I always say that doing anything good for these people is a waste of time. They like their medieval lifestyle. This just goes to show that not everyone deserves freedom. Some people just enjoy being slaves too much.

The Warmth of Your Touch

Berlusconi: "Abbas is a man with soft hands and a soft heart." Reuters Reports: ROME (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi met Mahmoud Abbas on Friday and said the Palestinian leader was the right man to seal a definitive peace agreement with Israel. "It is undeniable that Sharon is a statesman of high caliber and great courage," Berlusconi said after meeting Abbas who is on a 3-day visit to Italy. "I am also convinced that, on the Palestinian side too, the president is the man capable of bringing Palestine to a definitive peace with Israel and to an independent state," he said. Tovya says: What's wrong with this picture...?
  • The Italians can't stand Israel, and if they say it's good for us, then that means we're screwed, no?
  • What has the P.A. done to convince the Italians that they are genuinely interested in peace? Are they counting the murdering of Jews as peace initiatives?
  • Why the heck is Silvio Berlusconi holding Mahmoud Abbas' hand? I'm sure Berlusconi was just checking to see if his hands were soft, so no big deal.