Friday, November 25, 2005

Jerusalem Under the Butcher's Knife

The AFP reports: LONDON (AFP) - A confidential Foreign Office document accuses Israel of rushing to annex east Jerusalem to prevent it from becoming the capital of a Palestinian state. "Israeli activities in Jerusalem are in violation of both its roadmap obligations and international law," the document was quoted as saying, referring to the multinational plan for a gradual move towards a Palestinian state. The document also reportedly claims that Israel's controversial concrete security barrier is being used to expropriate Arab land in and around the ancient city. "This de facto annexation of Palestinian land will be irreversible without very large-scale forced evacuations of settlers and the rerouting of the barrier," it was quoted as saying. An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, Mark Regev, was quoted as telling the newspaper that Israel believes Jerusalem "should remain the united capital of Israel". "At the same time, Israel has committed itself that Jerusalem is one of those final status issues," he added. Tovya says: Once again the Western powers are gripping about Israel's supposed "violations", but as usual they remain silent about the fact that the "Palestinians" break the Road Map guidelines everyday. This phony treaty should have been null and void from day one. They knows this, and they don't care. Why? Because the West has convinced itself that if it sacrifices us to the dragon of Islam, then it will leave them alone. What they forget is that the hunger of a beast is never tamed. First feed it Gush Katif, then the Yehuda & Shomron, and maybe sprinkle Yerushalayim on top as an appetizer. After this is done, maybe they will force us to give the Golan to Syria. Then we’ll hear the UN scream that this is not enough and that they want us to grant the “Right of Return” to the “Palestinians” living abroad. And then they will gobble up Tel-Aviv/Yafo, Haifa, and Eilat as a final measure. Because of our own lack of faith in the covenant, we will get on our knees and beg for mercy from our enemies. That’s why it has to end now. There should be demonstrations against any further expulsions starting today. Why wait until the IDF soldiers are knocking at your doors to start screaming in protest? We are not only the victims, we are the perpetrators. If we see another expulsion it will be because we didn’t do enough to prevent it. The blame lies on us alone.


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