Monday, November 28, 2005

03/08/2001 - A Day in Recent History

Below are a few quotes from Ariel Sharon's inauguration speech on March 8th, 2001.
"We will conduct negotiations with the Palestinians to achieve political agreements - but not under the pressure of terror and violence." "The Government I head will raise the banner of Zionism..." "we - all the members of the government - must endeavor to maintain proper government... while ensuring that the government's activities are always within the boundaries of the law." "If we stand together 'as one person with one heart' - we can face all of the challenges ahead of us." "If we turn our back to [Jerusalem], to its symbols and our sacred places, we will put a question mark on our very future and destiny."
What happened? Was it simple greed or the added combination of escaping prosecution that caused him to abandon his platform?
  • He not only negotiated underfire, but went as far as giving our enemies gifts without so much as even asking for a gesture of peace.
  • He desecrated the banner of Zionism and then burned it at the stake.
  • He made a mockery out of the rule of law, and went out of his way to trample the fragile democratic image of the state.
  • He unified the Right behind his lies, and then kicked us out of his tent and brought forth the Leftists in our stead.
  • Lastly, the question of his stance on Jerusalem is yet to be determined. Will he negotiate away our beloved city, or will he actually keep his campaign promise to keep Jerusalem our 'eternal capital'? I safely assume that he is already cutting up Jerusalem behind the scenes.


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