Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hypocrisy Knows No End

The AP reports: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel seized Fatma Khalaf's farmland five years ago as a security buffer for a Jewish settlement. Now that the Israelis are gone from Gaza, she wants her 50 acres back. But the Palestinian Authority has different plans "We have a plan: that all the lands [appropriated] in Gaza be used for public good," Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said recently. Even before the Israeli pullout from Gaza last month, he decreed that the government would take control of all lands and assets that Israel left behind Tovya says: Now this is funny. These self-proclaimed 'Palestinians' demand the 'right of return' of the decendants of those who fled willingly during the 1948 Israel War of Independence, yet those who are already living their in the PA autonomous zones can't even keep their own land. I guess Mahmoud Abbas is scared that some of his people might actually cultivate the land and keep it green... and that just won't do. The only green that the Arab 'Palestinians' will ever see is the paraphenelia of Hamas. The PA is just another dictatorship that the world loves having an affair with. How much do you want to bet me that the human-rights watchdog groups will never lift an eyebrow in response to this. I bet you will never see Amnesty International forming a human chain around that Arab woman's farm to help 'protect her from her oppresive government'. It just goes to show that the world doesn't really care about the Arabs, they just hate Israel.


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