Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Glorification of Arafat

Gulf News Online reports: Israel has strongly criticised the decision by an Italian city to name one of their streets Yasser Arafat, in honour of the late Palestinian president.

In an official statement, Israel’s ambassador to Italy, Euhod Jol, expressed his “deep discontent and condemnation” with this decision by Marano in Campania region of Naples province.

Jol called the move “very insulting and hurtful to hear that the official of an Italian city looks at Arafat with respect”.

Tovya says: Wake up! Do you not see the writing on the wall? Arafat stole from the coffers of his own people, and kept them in poverty to futher the Islamofacist agenda. Europe knows this, yet still they glorify him. Europe clearly defines evil as "good" and good as "evil". Europe will never change, it is part of her inner being. The memory of the holocaust is fading, and Europe is quickly sinking back down into the pit of anti-semitism. To Europe, the greatest thing that Arafat did was kill Jews. What was once called anti-semitism is now called anti-Zionism. Europe has not changed their heart, they have only changed the name of their hatred.


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