Sunday, October 09, 2005

Further Judicial Ignorance

The AP reports: JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's army must stop using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" in operations against suspected Palestinian militants, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. "The army has no right to use civilians as human shields ... It is cruel and barbaric," Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak wrote in a 20-page judgment.

Israeli troops conducting raids against wanted militants have used Palestinian non-combatants to knock on doors or enter homes of suspects. In several cases, the practice resulted in injury or death of the human shields.

Tovya says:

As usual, the Israeli Supreme Court issues another edict of stupidity.

The purpose of having a 'Palestinian' knock on the door is to save Jewish lives. If the miserable 'Palestinians' want to kill their neighbor for knocking on their door, so be it. It's not my problem.

The true problem is that these people are murderers, and they hate Jews. If they didn't want to kill us, we wouldn't have to ask their own brothers to knock on their doors for us.

Therefore, instead of the government doing further things to impede our ability to save Jewish lives, why don't they spend their time doing more to eliminate the terrorists? Instead of having our beloved tzahal soldiers going door-to-door making arrests, let's just start blasting these murders with missles instead.

No questions asked, no arrests needed. Let's just kill them, and then we won't need their neighbors to go door-to-door.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey not a bad idea. why even go door2door when you can just torpedo the house and ask questions last. besides, we will just release the terrorists later after we arrest them.

10/09/2005 08:49:00 AM  

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