Sunday, October 02, 2005

Condi is a Joke

Arutz Sheva reports: U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday that Hamas "eventually" will be disarmed but did not state that the terrorist group should be banned from running in the elections. The U.S. has outlawed Hamas, and one of its principles is the destruction of the State of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state. Rice, in a major address, told a questioner that it is clear that Hamas "stands for the destruction of Israel...and is a real detriment and block to further peace." But she used the Sinn Fein party, linked to the Irish Republican Army terrorist group, as an example of terrorists agreeing to disarm in order to win political acceptance. "We do, I think, need to give the Palestinians some space to try and reconcile their national politics," she explained. Tovya says: Everytime Condi Rice speaks she makes me scratch my head and say "huh". How can one be ignorant enough to compare Sinn Fein to Hamas? The problem is that she is not ignorant. I can forgive ignorance. She knows good and well that Hamas and Sinn Fein are nothing alike. Sinn Fein accepts Great Britian's right to exist. They recognize England as a legitimate nation. The IRA (Sinn Fein's military wing) is a Catholic terrorist group that wants the protestant Great Britian to withdrawl from Northern Ireland, and then they will be happy. They do not want to destroy Great Britian. On the other hand Hamas does NOT recognize Israel as a legitimate nation and has openly proclaimed that they will never recognize it as one. Hamas is a perverse Islamic terror group that wants to kill every Jew in Israel and will settle for nothing less than every last Jew being murdered. Nothing will make them except the total destruction of Israel. The Irish people have a long heritage and history that connects them to the land of Ireland. The 'Palestinians' are an imaginary people that was created in an attempt to destroy Israel. The Irish people have a ancient culture, language (Celtic), and rich history. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, culture, language or history. They never existed nor is there an ounce of evidence supporting that such a people ever walked the face of the Earth. I could go on and on, but I won't. The point is, there is NOTHING that is the same about Sinn Fein and Hamas other than the fact they both murder innocent people. There causes are not the same, and their end goals are nothing alike. Condi Rice knows this, but she is playing a game because the average person thinks that all terrorists are created equal. She wants to play the old 'religion of peace' card to make people think that Islamic terrorists are no different from Catholic terrorists. Well, I am tired, and my blood pressure is sky rocketing because of this story, so I must call it a night. Maybe I shall wake to the news that another Hamas terrorist was killed by tzahal, and then I shall have a reason to smile again.


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