Saturday, October 29, 2005

France & Israel: Two Peas in a Pod

The AFP reports: TOULOUSE, France (AFP) - The French and Israeli foreign ministers were united in their condemnation of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent assertion that Israel should be "wiped off the map." Israeli Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom praised France for its strong reaction to the words of the Iranian leader. Tovya says: Oh how sweet. The nations of France and Israel are exchanging hugs and kisses. Could this new French affection be the result Israel finally beginning their initiation into joining the 'enlightened' European societies? There is only one tie that has always bound Europe together, and only one thing that all European nations have always agreed on: It's always a good time to murder and expel Jews. This has always been the test of a true European mindset. France expelled all of her Jews in 1394, and they now gleefully witness Israel expelling her own Jews in 2005. Israel has become Faust, and the deal with the devil is signed in blood. Yet the initiation is not yet complete. Something sinister is brewing behind the scenes, and Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres are about to take their treacherous actions to new heights. Can anyone say pre-1967 borders? Sharon is whoring himself to the Europeans just as Peres did long ago. The end to these 'painful' concessions will know no end. The Europeans want to turn us back into their lowly serfs. They miss the old submissive Jew of the past. We are in for some rough times, and I can only pray that Hashem sustains us through the coming danger.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

To Kippah, Or Not To Kippah, That is the Question

I made a very slow trek back as a baal teshuvah. My biggest fear was having to explain how I went from Tovya the quiet Jew, to Tovya the proud Jew. Prior to making teshuvah, I was the perfect example of how all Jews should NOT act. I was the ultimate apostate. When I made the decision to return, it was very difficult telling people that I would no longer eat dinner at their homes, and that I would no longer 'party' on shabbos. I could no longer date non-Jewish women, nor find myself alone in their company. It wasn't an easy task for a Jew who had grown up in a non-Jewish world... I needed some serious help. The day that I began to wear a kippah changed everything. It all got easier. Hashem provided me just the help that I needed. It became easier because upon my head rested a reminder, not only to me but to those around me, that first and foremost I am a Jew. Everything else comes second. Immediately, all of my non-Jewish friends ceased cursing in my presence, they stopped talking about women in an indecent manner, and best of all they stopped asking me to do things that are forbidden for me to do. They looked at me not as one of them, but as a unique individual. My own action of donning a kippah caused them to reflect upon their own deeds and better themselves. They knew that I was a person who was outside their world. This may sound like a disadvantage, but if you think about it, there is no greater advantage to have. The hardest part of living an observant Jewish life is the constant pressure of non-Jewish society quietly tugging at you to assimilate. It's like a sweet song telling you to come hither. This is where a kippah comes to the rescue. It's like wearing a billboard on your head that says, "Don't even try, I am Jewish". I like women. I am attracted to them and I love being in their presence. When I was the quiet Jew, it was easy to date non-Jewish women. They simply saw me as a person JUST LIKE THEM, but with a different heritage. They loved my company as much as I loved theirs. When I began to don a Kippah, they immediately looked at my head, and said, "Next!" They were no longer interested. I immediately became an alien to them. Therefore I no longer had to fight my urges to court non-Jewish women because my Kippah automatically acted as a shield to defend me against assimilation. It prevented me from sinning without saying a word. Even more importantly, my kippah keeps me from 'staring' at women, because I know that it would be a chillul Hashem to do such, because people would be watching me and see me lusting after a woman with my eyes. I wouldn't want to be a bad example as a Jew, because I may be the only Jew they ever meet. I have to strive to make their one encounter with a Jew the one that shows that we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Secondly, when I began to keep a strict kashrus diet, I had to explain to people over and over that I couldn't eat the same foods they did, nor could I eat dinner at their homes. It was very tiresome. When I began to wear a kippah, I never had to remind them again. They looked at my head, and automatically knew that I would not be eating their wives' spaghetti. They knew that I could not and would not, so there was no point in asking. They simply stopped the invitations, so the temptation to violate the halacha in regard to the kashrus was no longer there. I could list the advantages of wearing a kippah versus not doing so, but the list would go on forever. It's not an easy decision to make, but I promise you that it gets easier after the first day. The first day of "kippah'ing" is the hardest, after that it's a cake walk. Wearing a kippah not only reminds us that Hashem is above as at all times and watching our every deed, but also reminds those around us that we are Jews. We are therefore forcing ourselves into a position of holding ourself to a G-dly code of ethics and actions so as to bring kiddush Hashem. Our goal as Jews in this world is not to be a witness with our mouths, but to be a witness with our actions. When we perform the mitzvos, we give Hashem a reason to bless us. When he blesses us, the non-Jewish nations are in awe of us. When they are in awe of us, they are in awe of our G-d, and therefore the fear of G-d is upon them as well. This is our mission as a Jewish people. We are to be different. We are to be unique in our actions and unique in our being. Our place in society is to stand out as a walking miracle. Our very survival throughout the millenia is an attestment that G-d is real and that our G-d never forsakes a promise that He makes. We cannot be a walking, breathing standard as secret Jews. We can only be an example through open fulfillment of the mitzvos. By non-Jews seeing us as unafraid to be Jews and fearless in fulfilling the Law, we prove that the Torah is the living, breathing word of G-d. We show the world that our fear is reserved for Hashem alone.

Israeli Leadership... America's Favorite Sheeple

The AFP reports: JERUSALEM (AFP) - Pressure from Washington forced Israel to freeze a major contract with Venezuela to upgrade its US-manufactured F-16 fighter jets, the Israeli defence ministry said.

One source told the Yediot Aharonot daily that the United States was deliberately restricting the deal, worth an estimated 100 million dollars, in order to favour US competitors.

"They do not allow us to realize our potential in the world markets. This makes it very hard for us in our world sales," he said.

Tovya says:

America's defense industry has given Israel the shaft yet again. This is no different than when America canned the Israeli AWAC deal to China, and when General Dynamics (Lockheed-Martin) used Caspar Weinberger to force Israel to can their Lavi project.

America knows that if Israel sold it's highly sought after weapons techonology on the free-market, then it would no longer need U.S. economic aid packages. Israel would be self-sufficient economically.

The U.S. cannot have this. The American government needs to keep Israel under it's thumb so that they can continue to force her to make 'painful concessions'.

At the end of the day, it's Israel's fault because her leaders are cowards who won't standup for their people. Then again maybe it's because they are too busy hugging terrorists and building casinos? Either way, it stinks.

Furthermore, Israel will continue to lose face with the world because they know that at the end of the day, Israel is an American lackey. Eventually, other nations will just stop making deals with Israel because they know that America will force Israel to break her word and cancel any contract she commits herself to.

And behind the scenes, the Israeli government is singing their favorite tune.... "Baaaaahhh"

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who Meme? No, Youyou!

I have to admit, when I did my daily browse of Ze'ev Orenstein's blog, I laughed-out-loud when I saw that he had been tagged to do one of those silly 'MeMe 7' things. I greatly admire his opinions and certainly respect him, but I still laughed at him. And then I got to the bottom of the post, and I saw that he tagged me next... and that caused my laughter to abrubtly end. All I could say was 'Doh!' :-) So just for the spirit of Sukkot, I shall do this for him (afterall, I can't let him do it all alone). Hmmm, here goes: 7 Things I can Do: 1. Speak my mind without holding back 2. March 25-miles for a good cause without stopping 3. Play basketball like a true 'baller' 4. Discuss Torah from sun-down to sun-up without sleeping 5. Sell a picture book to a blind man (so if you are blind and reading this and need a picture book, just email me) 6. Be fearless, I honestly fear no human being 7. Anything else that Hashem wills me to do 7 Things I can't Do: 1. Walk past someone in trouble without stopping to help 2. Keep my mouth shut when it comes to Jewish or Israel related topics 3. Sell a radio to a deaf person (yeah well the blind person used the book I sold him as a door-stop, what's a deaf person going to do with a radio, huh, huh??) 4. Play golf (not that I have ever wanted to) 5. Play any musical instruments 6. Drink liquor (it makes me sick) 7. Anything that Hashem forbids me to do 7 Things I Hope To Do In My Life: 1. Make aliyah A.S.A.P. 2. Find my beshert, wherever she may be (probablly in Eretz HaKodesh) 3. Be the first person to march back into Gush Katif and kick out the Arab occupiers 4. See moshiach revealed in my lifetime 5. Memorize the entire Torah (yes I am really attempting that) 6. Toilet paper Abu Mazzen's house 7. Always make Hashem happy that he created me, and never give him a reason to regret it 7 Things I Say Often: 1. "Oy! Is it midnight already?" 2. "Wow, it's 3 AM now? I thought it was just midnight?" 3. "Why didn't I goto sleep last night" 4. Shacharis 5. Mincha 6. Maariv 7. "I will never fill out one of those silly 'MeMe 7' lists!" People I'd like to infect with this meme: 1. Max Samuel (The Nice Jewish Boy) 2. Jonathan Pollard (whenever he finally sees his well deserved freedom) 3. Yishai Fleisher (Kumah) 4. Malkah Fleisher (Kumah) 5. Smooth Stone 6. ifyouwillit There you go Ze'ev, I have continued on the torch of Sukkot-Joy just for you :-) and just in case I don't post again prior to tomorrow, shabbat shalom to all!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yahoo! and Al-Jazeera Team Up

I have been a long-time Yahoo! user, and am now on the 8th year with the same user ID (tovya_benyon). I honestly have just about had it with the ignorant news pop-ups that I have been flashing on my screen as of late. The most recent example of (below) has to be the most biased pro-Arab news feed I have ever received: What kind of mess is this? I am a long-term paying Yahoo! user, and now I have to see this anti-Israeli garbage pop on my screen? Are you telling me that Yahoo! News allows Al-Jazeera to shoot their anti-semitic rhetoric over their newfeed now? I followed the link and it led to: a biased anti-Israeli story. First and foremost, it's a crock of lies, secondly it said "Jewish Extremists" and "occupation forces". In other words, Yahoo! clearly must agree with the Arabs and they feel that Jerusalem is not ours? You have got to be kidding me!?! I am going to have some serious words with Yahoo! over this. I don't pay for their services to have them disrespect me and my beloved homeland like this. I have been considering defecting to Google for quite sometime now, and unless Yahoo! apologizes and corrects this error, I will dump Yahoo! like a bad habit.

Monday, October 17, 2005

A Jew is a Jew

Sometimes the most insignificant moments in life can cause be the most important ones. I have come to the realization that we are a silly and petty people at times, and I do not exclude myself from that description. We have been the most persecuted people on Earth for millenia, yet instead of unification in the face of the enemy, we continue to divide ourselves into camps. I am not am not even talking about the Left vs Right battle that we face on the political scene. It goes much deeper than that. I had a conversation with a friend, where we were discussing the differences in our customs. He being mizrahi, and I being of the Ashkenazi tradition. We were laughing at each other (in good fun) as to how differently we daven and how/when we say brachot, how we lay tefillin in our own ways, how our kippot differ, etc., etc. I went on to tell him a story of how my first rav, after I made teshuva many years ago, taught me the Ashkenazi way to bind the tefillin shel yud onto my arm and which of the brachot to say at each point. I was very slow to learn, as at the time I did not have my own set of tefillin, and I only did so on Sundays after Chumash study at shul. In order to fulfill the tefillin mitzvah, I had to borrow my rabbi's set. On one such sunday, my rav was tied up with helping someone else put on their tefillin. I was eager to get started, so I had a sephardic friend of mine assist me. He prompted me at the appointed times, and I read the appropriate bracha from my siddur as I put the tefillin on. Before he finished helping me, my rabbi interjected, "Tovya is Ashkenazi, we do it different. Just let me help him." And with that, my rabbi took over. The rabbi did not mean to be ill in his interjection, but I could tell that my friend felt a little strike of pain at the rabbi's words. I could see in his face that he believed that the rabbi was creating a very vocal barrier between Jews of two different traditions. (which of course he wasn't, it just seemed that way) I am not trying to take away from tradition, as I know that they are important parts of our lives as Jews. Yet I sometimes wonder if we don't put too much emphasis on the DIFFERENCES in our traditions & customs. Instead of seeing this differences as rich and wonderful, they are used too often as a means in which to seperate. I understand that for thousands of years our different cultures were physically seperated on different ends of the globe, therefore these distinct customs evolved. But now that our once seperated Jewish communities are seperated no longer, why do we allow these beautiful tradtions to become ugly walls of seperation? And do not mistake me for saying that each of our traditions should be shown the door either. All I am saying is, who cares if I the ashkenazi, daven in a predominantly sephardic minyan? Yes, they will say baruch and I will say boruch, but it doesn't matter. The important thing is that we are all Jews, and dividing ourselves into camps will only help the enemy. They want to see us divided. Hashem wants us to be united. Would we choose the will of our enemy over the will of our G-d? It doesn't matter if your wear a colorful knit kippah or a black velvet one. It doesn't matter if you are the untucked type or the black-suit type. A Jew is a Jew, so let's act like we believe it. I know what I am saying sounds like a silly rant, but I see this disunity in galus first hand, and I see it in the political scene in Eretz Yisrael from afar. Customs and traditions have become a barrier between us. To make a long story short, if we will not be for ourselves, who shall be for us? Respect your culture, and love your traditions, but more importantly realize that they are petty in the overall scale of things. What's most important is that you love your fellow Jew.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Argument Against a Secular State

I read an outstanding article by Ze'ev Orenstein and I have to decided to write my own personal follow-up to it. I know a family of Israelis that live here locally to me. They left Israel and came to America because they had much to gain financially from leaving Eretz Yisrael. They told me that they had no reason to stay in Israel because it was simply a minature version of America. They are what I call 'Tel-Aviv Jews'. They don't see Israel as a Jewish nation, but see it as a nation that just so happens to be inhabited by Jews. Therefore for them there is no reason to be in Israel when America offers so much more to a secular Jew. The very fact that they are not at home in Israel is an attestment to the failure of secular Zionism. At the very core of Zionism is the idea that in the heart of a Jew lies the desire to be at home in Israel. By our very nature, our souls are tied to the land, and the land to the covenant and so forth. It's a circle of life, per se. Each exists because of the presence of the other. The answer to this problem is that there is no such thing as 'secular Zionism'. The true definition of both words when seperated do not allow them to be combined. There is only one Zionism, and that is Torah Zionism. The point I am trying to convey is that if you do not believe we are a special covenant people who serves the Almighty, why would you want to be in Israel? If your idea of the 'Israel Experience' is going to Tel-Aviv and dancing the night away in a discotheque, why do you need to be in Israel to do that? Paris, London, and New York have a much better secular scene if that is what you are looking for. If the secularists are to have their way and truly turn Israel into a country after the European mold, Israel will disappear. Secularism and Zionism do not mix. Secularism will only drive Jews back into galus. Because without a Jewish identity, there is no reason to be in the tiny desert country. America is a much better place for one who wishes to assimilate and be like the non-Jews. Israel will only survive if it maintains a strict Jewish identity. Without the Torah, and without our blessed covenant we really are no different than the other nations. Our special covenant with G-d is the only thing that makes us Jewish. And this same covenant is the only thing that will keep Israel from being renamed Palestine. ( be continued)

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Disgrace that is the Left

I recently went to the website of the self-proclaimed "Orthodox Anarchist" and left a string of comments criticizing his anti-Frum attitude. He responded that he would mock our traditions as much as he wanted to, and left a series of vulgar replies with a "challenge" to respond. When I attempted to post again, I was delivered the following pop-up message:

It was obvious that he was blocking my IP address, so I changed my IP so that I could read and post a comment. I specifically asked him why he blocked my IP and he responded:

either read my reply to your comments on the post below and acknowledge the fact that you don't have a clue as to what you're talking about, or mosey on out of here before i block your IP range.
This is simply another example of how when the left disagrees with you, they demand that you conform to their idealogy or they will steam roll you. Either way, he needn't waste his time, I don't really care to read his blog anyway. He simply insults our traditions, and uses foul language as though it were an art form. I've got better things to do with my time. Shabbat Shalom


Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Glorification of Arafat

Gulf News Online reports: Israel has strongly criticised the decision by an Italian city to name one of their streets Yasser Arafat, in honour of the late Palestinian president.

In an official statement, Israel’s ambassador to Italy, Euhod Jol, expressed his “deep discontent and condemnation” with this decision by Marano in Campania region of Naples province.

Jol called the move “very insulting and hurtful to hear that the official of an Italian city looks at Arafat with respect”.

Tovya says: Wake up! Do you not see the writing on the wall? Arafat stole from the coffers of his own people, and kept them in poverty to futher the Islamofacist agenda. Europe knows this, yet still they glorify him. Europe clearly defines evil as "good" and good as "evil". Europe will never change, it is part of her inner being. The memory of the holocaust is fading, and Europe is quickly sinking back down into the pit of anti-semitism. To Europe, the greatest thing that Arafat did was kill Jews. What was once called anti-semitism is now called anti-Zionism. Europe has not changed their heart, they have only changed the name of their hatred.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Have an Easy Fast

I had a big blowout Yom Kippur post planned, but I decided against it. Instead, I will hold off my next post until after Yom Kippur. Until then, I want to wish all of my friends here in the States and in Eretz Yisrael an easy fast. I will leave you with my fasting tip: Don't drink beverages with alcohol or caffeine the day/night before. This will dehydrate you and make it worse. Drink a lot of water the day before, and it makes it 100 times easier. But I am sure you already knew that. Either way, have an easy fast and talk to you soon.

Crazy Blog

"Blogspot" continues to post the wrong date and time on my posts. It make me wonder if this problem happens to more than just me. On my last posting, it stamped "Saturday, October 15, 2005" as the posting date. It's only October 11th now, and I wrote that on October 9th, so where does it come up with October 15th? Who knows, not I.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Being Free from Galus

I am a Jew in Galus. I therefore am fully qualified to tell other Jews in galus why it is not the place for the them to be. Problem #1) I keep a strict kashrus diet, and I live in Texas. Anyone who has ever lived away from a large Jewish population knows that keeping kosher in such an area is very expensive, and will eat up a large part of your check every week. It's economic stupidity to do such a thing. A grochery store outside of Israel almost makes you dedicate your first born for them to stock the shelves with kosher items. G-d forbid that you make the request for glatt meat, because they will laugh you out the door. Solution #1) Make aliyah, such problems do not exist in a Jewish nation. A Strict kosher diet is easy to fulfill simply by walking to the nearest Israeli grochery store. All the stores stock a wide array of kosher goods. ============= Problem #2) In galus you are an outcast and a stranger to those around you. You are constantly asked what those "little strings" that hang from your shirt are, and they want to know what the "little cap" that you wear signifies. No matter how times you explain to them what a kipah and tzitzis are, they will always stare at you as though you are a foreigner. They will never understand, and they will always see you as someone who is out of place. Solution #2) Make aliyah, then no one will ever ask you again why you wear what you wear, nor will they see you as a foreigner. You will have found you place. ============= Problem #3) Your non-Jewish boss will never understand why you won't work between Friday and Saturday night. You can waste your breath explaining to him the significance of Shabbos, and the importance of the covenant, but he will never understand. He will always see you as a slacker who won't work when everyone else will. Solution #3) Make aliyah, and then your days of explaining shabbos will come to an end. Instead of wasting oxygen defending yourself for being shomer shabbos, you can breath that same air in Hashem's beloved Eretz HaKodesh. You can fulfill the mitzvah of rest with peace of mind. ============= Problem #4) As a Jew in galus, everytime you head to the voting booth, you vote for things that have no concrete bearing on you or your children's future. You are voting for a politicians who does not have the Jewish people's best interests at heart. You may call yourself an American, Brit, or Frenchman, but you are not such. You are a Jew, and you do not belong where you are at. The foreign nation where we were banished to was a temporary measure set forth by Hashem as a punishment, they were not given to us as a permanent home. That punishment has come to an end, and we have been called home. The need for exile has ceased to exist. Solution #4) Make aliyah, and everytime you vote, you will be affecting your children's, children's, children's future. Every vote you cast has a deep impact on our survival. Most importantly you are voting in a Jewish nation for Jewish leaders whose majority constituency are fellow Jews. We don't need lobbying groups in our own nation. ============== Problem #5) Jewish day schools and yeshivot are incredibly expensive in galus. Worst of all, it's often neccesary to send your children off alone hundreds or thousands of miles away for them to get a good Jewish education. For most families in galus, financial success is a must in order for them to be able to afford Jewish education. Solution #5) Make aliyah, and you will be surrounded by a Jewish educational system. There will no longer be a need for you to scrape for pennys in order to provide your children the Jewish education they deserve. Best of all, these schools are all in your own neighborhood, and you will not go broke in providing this to your children. ============== Problem #6) The next reason to blame Jews for the problems of the goyim is always right around the corner. As long as you are there to be blamed, they will gladly find an opportunity to burden you with their biggotry. It doesn't matter where you live (yes, even America), we have always been the scapegoats of the world for their problems. The next pogrom is always waiting in the wings to strike at Jews in galus. Solution #6) Go home to Israel, make aliyah. With the re-establishment of a Jewish nation we are no longer able to be forced into ghettos, nor do we have to bow to the hordes of anti-semites. We are once again a free people under the protection of our eternal covenant. To remain in galus without plan to make aliyah is to deny your role in our sacred pact with G-d. We have no future in exile, only a past. Now is the time to seize what is rightfully ours and go forward and embrace the covenant, and let our enemies know that our G-d's promises are eternal and unbreakable. When we allow Hashem the reason to bless us, He is sanctified throughout the nations by His fulfillment of the promises He made to us. It is through G-d's blessing of us that the world is blessed as well. When we tiniest of nations are uplifted to the stature of greatness, the world will truly know that our G-d is indeed their G-d as well. Therefore, you must make aliyah, because you cannot fulfill this destiny in exile. This manifestation can only be fulfilled in the land that was promised to our father Avraham. So now you need to ask yourself, "What am I waiting for" and "What am I doing to prepare myself for aliyah".

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Further Judicial Ignorance

The AP reports: JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's army must stop using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" in operations against suspected Palestinian militants, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. "The army has no right to use civilians as human shields ... It is cruel and barbaric," Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak wrote in a 20-page judgment.

Israeli troops conducting raids against wanted militants have used Palestinian non-combatants to knock on doors or enter homes of suspects. In several cases, the practice resulted in injury or death of the human shields.

Tovya says:

As usual, the Israeli Supreme Court issues another edict of stupidity.

The purpose of having a 'Palestinian' knock on the door is to save Jewish lives. If the miserable 'Palestinians' want to kill their neighbor for knocking on their door, so be it. It's not my problem.

The true problem is that these people are murderers, and they hate Jews. If they didn't want to kill us, we wouldn't have to ask their own brothers to knock on their doors for us.

Therefore, instead of the government doing further things to impede our ability to save Jewish lives, why don't they spend their time doing more to eliminate the terrorists? Instead of having our beloved tzahal soldiers going door-to-door making arrests, let's just start blasting these murders with missles instead.

No questions asked, no arrests needed. Let's just kill them, and then we won't need their neighbors to go door-to-door.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yom Kippur and Jonathan Pollard

I will try to keep this post as short as possible, as there has been enough written on Jonathan Pollard to fill a small library with books about him. The reason why I bring this up is because Yom Kippur is rapidly approaching, and a patriot for Zion is still locked away in an America prison with no hope for release. Mr. Pollard deserves his long-awaited day for atonement. Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Pollard did not do irrepairable damage to Israeli and American intelligence. As a matter of fact, he damaged nothing. Pollard's only mistake is that he knows something. The only question is, "what is that something"? In reality it doesn't matter what that 'something' is, as there are plenty of opinions as to what he knows and what his actual security clearance was within Naval Intelligence. In all probability had he only provided Israel with intelligence, he would have been released long ago. More than likely Pollard knows about too many illegal and immoral dealing of current people on the world scene. People with power do not want him released because they know good and well that he would 'spill the beans' on many Israeli, American, and British officials who still have considerable power and influence. They know that he would implicate them in crimes against their own nations. Think about it. Many foreign spies have been caught on the inside leaking information to their respective handlers, yet they were released in due time. What makes Pollard's case so different? The answer is simple. It's not simply the U.S. saying "no" to his release, but more importantly Israel is saying "hell no". The powers that be in the Israeli government want him to rot away. It's obvious that Pollard would have a serious chip on his shoulder if he were ever released, and this chip is big enough to fall and crush a lot of Israeli politicians. Many people who hear such things laugh and say it's a conspiracy theory. The criminals who have locked him away are glad you feel that way. As long as everyone thinks Pollard is some sort of super spy and traitor to America, they know he will never be released. In all truth, the real traitors to America and Israel still hold high ranking positions in their respective governments. Whatever Pollard knows, it's something that would come back to bite them in the rear. More importantly, it's something that would blow the lid on current U.S./Israeli/Britsh policy. Whatever those governments started doing back then is still alive and well today. Pollard thought that he was simply helping Israel, but in reality he was screwing some of the highest ranking officials in that same government. Whatever it is that he knows, I can assure you it has a lot to do with the plans for Israel's future. It undoubtedly would reveal the pieces in a greater plot to undermine the Jewish identity of Israel. He certainly knows too much about the western love affair with terrorist organizations. Pollard is being the scapegoat Jew for their own crimes of sleeping with the enemy. He is serving their sentences. Pollard's freedom is equivalent to having the wool removed from our eyes. That which he could reveal would make known our past ills and prophetically reveal the future planned deceit. Therefore, this Yom Kippur, please keep Jonathan Pollard close in your thoughts and prayers. With his release from prison there would be an atonement for the Jewish people unlike any other. Only then would our eyes be allowed to see the truth that has been staring us in the face all along. Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim

Condi is a Joke

Arutz Sheva reports: U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday that Hamas "eventually" will be disarmed but did not state that the terrorist group should be banned from running in the elections. The U.S. has outlawed Hamas, and one of its principles is the destruction of the State of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state. Rice, in a major address, told a questioner that it is clear that Hamas "stands for the destruction of Israel...and is a real detriment and block to further peace." But she used the Sinn Fein party, linked to the Irish Republican Army terrorist group, as an example of terrorists agreeing to disarm in order to win political acceptance. "We do, I think, need to give the Palestinians some space to try and reconcile their national politics," she explained. Tovya says: Everytime Condi Rice speaks she makes me scratch my head and say "huh". How can one be ignorant enough to compare Sinn Fein to Hamas? The problem is that she is not ignorant. I can forgive ignorance. She knows good and well that Hamas and Sinn Fein are nothing alike. Sinn Fein accepts Great Britian's right to exist. They recognize England as a legitimate nation. The IRA (Sinn Fein's military wing) is a Catholic terrorist group that wants the protestant Great Britian to withdrawl from Northern Ireland, and then they will be happy. They do not want to destroy Great Britian. On the other hand Hamas does NOT recognize Israel as a legitimate nation and has openly proclaimed that they will never recognize it as one. Hamas is a perverse Islamic terror group that wants to kill every Jew in Israel and will settle for nothing less than every last Jew being murdered. Nothing will make them except the total destruction of Israel. The Irish people have a long heritage and history that connects them to the land of Ireland. The 'Palestinians' are an imaginary people that was created in an attempt to destroy Israel. The Irish people have a ancient culture, language (Celtic), and rich history. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, culture, language or history. They never existed nor is there an ounce of evidence supporting that such a people ever walked the face of the Earth. I could go on and on, but I won't. The point is, there is NOTHING that is the same about Sinn Fein and Hamas other than the fact they both murder innocent people. There causes are not the same, and their end goals are nothing alike. Condi Rice knows this, but she is playing a game because the average person thinks that all terrorists are created equal. She wants to play the old 'religion of peace' card to make people think that Islamic terrorists are no different from Catholic terrorists. Well, I am tired, and my blood pressure is sky rocketing because of this story, so I must call it a night. Maybe I shall wake to the news that another Hamas terrorist was killed by tzahal, and then I shall have a reason to smile again.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hypocrisy Knows No End

The AP reports: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel seized Fatma Khalaf's farmland five years ago as a security buffer for a Jewish settlement. Now that the Israelis are gone from Gaza, she wants her 50 acres back. But the Palestinian Authority has different plans "We have a plan: that all the lands [appropriated] in Gaza be used for public good," Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said recently. Even before the Israeli pullout from Gaza last month, he decreed that the government would take control of all lands and assets that Israel left behind Tovya says: Now this is funny. These self-proclaimed 'Palestinians' demand the 'right of return' of the decendants of those who fled willingly during the 1948 Israel War of Independence, yet those who are already living their in the PA autonomous zones can't even keep their own land. I guess Mahmoud Abbas is scared that some of his people might actually cultivate the land and keep it green... and that just won't do. The only green that the Arab 'Palestinians' will ever see is the paraphenelia of Hamas. The PA is just another dictatorship that the world loves having an affair with. How much do you want to bet me that the human-rights watchdog groups will never lift an eyebrow in response to this. I bet you will never see Amnesty International forming a human chain around that Arab woman's farm to help 'protect her from her oppresive government'. It just goes to show that the world doesn't really care about the Arabs, they just hate Israel.