Sunday, September 25, 2005

Western Moral Depravation

Over the last many months, a violent crime was largely ignored by the media. I have no warm and fuzzy explanation as to why it was not covered by any major media outlet. The only explanation I have is ice cold and filled with utter heartache. Since the outbreak of the latest 'Intifada' in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, Israel has received nothing but blatant negative coverage for her handling of the terrorist activities perpetrated against her. There has been a non-stop barrage of anti-Israeli coverage criticizing every defensive action Israel has taken. Yet what if I were to tell you that the entire intifada was a game? What if I could prove to you that the media trumped up the intifada and took part in a secret lie to justify the violent terrorism perpetrated against Jews? Would you believe me? My guess is you would think I was crazy, and that I was writing this blog from a mental institution. Before you jump to conclusions regarding the state of my sanity, I challenge you to download and view the below television program and then come back to this blog and call me crazy.

The point that needs to be made from this is that Israel is in a very dangerous situation. The so-called democracies of the West are all well aware of the games that the 'Palestinians' play... and they are all too happy to play the game with them.

If you think I am wrong, how come you haven't seen this video clip on any world news outlet? Tell me why ABC, NBC, BBC, CBS, or FOX news haven't jumped all over this story. I mean afterall, it's a hot story. It proves that Israel is largely innocent, and that in all reality the 'Palestinians' are liars and murderers.

The problem is that it proves that Israel has done nothing wrong, and that would destroy their whole agenda. They hate Israel and would love to see it wiped off the map as much as the Arabs would. George w. Bush knows the truth... Tony Blair knows the truth... Jacques Chirac knows the truth... yet they are silent.

If you think I am wrong, just give me one good reason why there has been no outcry from these governments? You can't think of any can you? That's because there is no defense for allowing Jews to get murdered. The only reason for their silence is their hate for Israel.

This brings me back to another point I made in a previous article. I am sick and tired of hearing about how America is this great friend of Israel. Telling your friend to appease terrorists and run like a scared dog from their enemy is not the sign of a friend. Demanding that your friend not bring terrorists and murders to justice is not the sign of a friend. Knowing that the 'Palestinians' have been making fraudulent claims of brutality and remaining silent is not the sign of a friend.

The 'Palestinians' have used these fraudulent claims against Israel to inspire their martyrs (a.k.a. terrorists) to unleash death against Jews. The very rallying cry for the terrorists is based upon lies, and the world community sits silent while more of our Jewish brothers and sisters are murdered. The blood of our people drips down upon the heads of Bush, Blair, and Chirac... and justice must be brought down hard upon their own heads.

Has the world so slipped down into depravity that no one cares anymore? Have the values of democracy and equality so far escaped the psyche of the western world that the murder of human beings means nothing anymore?

Woe be the man that ignores truth, and take comfort in lies. I dare say that times such as these highlight my fears that mankind is in for some very dark days.


Anonymous Inquisitor said...

1. "What if I could prove to you that the media trumped up the intifada and took part in a secret lie to justify the violent terrorism perpetrated against Jews? Would you believe me? My guess is you would think I was crazy, and that I was writing this blog from a mental institution."

To look upon the provider of novel information with doubt on the basis of the novelty of the information indicates an implicit faith in the infallibility of past and existing mainstream(core,periphery) media.

I'm all ears.

2. Perhaps you ought to provide a picture to complement the one of Bush with one of, say, Osama, in a suit without a beard. If not, the Bush picture demonises those adorning such outfits and styles by its association with Bush.

3. "Tell me why ABC, NBC, BBC, CBS, or FOX news haven't jumped all over this story. I mean afterall, it's a hot story."

Perhaps, it's 'temperature' isn't conducive to the agenda which the west seeks to incubate.

4. How would you reconcile your view that the west is anti-Israel in view of the fact that it was with their aid that the Jewish state was created, that they require Israel to counterbalance Arabic power in the region, that they remain silent about Israel's nuclear capabilities as opposed to their outcries against Iran and N.Korea.

5. Do you not think that effecting long term ambitions may at times require short term compromises?

6. The values of 'democracy' and 'equality' is negated by the existence of nation-states which, through national democracy and equality, allows one citizenry's government to do unto another government's citizenry that which the former is protected against 'locally' by National democracy and equality. Nationally observed democracy and equality is an affront to global democracy and equality.

7. Thank you for the video.
There is no doubt, from the footage aired, that 'Pallywood' exists, however, to use this to imply that all Palestinians 'have been making fraudulent claims of brutality' renders yourself guilty of doing via this video that which they have done through it. It is the reality behind this staged propaganda that we ought to concern ourselves with.

9/25/2005 11:33:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. You are definitely intelligent and have knowledgable views. You make very good points that are true, but you have one flaw. The flaw unfortunately is so big that it ignores other facts to justify your position. That flaw is your emphasis on religion.

Fundamentalist Muslims are not as evolved in terms of the religion - society balance. They are 200 years or more behind most other religions. Unfortunately you're practise religious-based reasoning to justify your discontent and conspiracy theories of other people with religious-based reasoning. See the irony?

Correlations between the Crusades and other religious-based conflits are all too evident in the Israel-Palesinian conflict. The religious-backed belief that a side is 'right', whether it be fundamentalist Jews or Muslims.

On that, please do not be offended, everyone has their views and I respect yours. I am not anti-religion by any means either. I look forward to reading more of your entries.

9/26/2005 07:19:00 AM  
Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report said...

I don't believe in conspiracy 'theories' per se. The definition of a theory is a conclusion based upon thought or feeling with disregard for fact.

I obviously hold strong opinions (that of which is obvious in my blog) but I always try to be careful and provide a factual basis as to how I have come to my conclusions.

For instance, the #1 'motivation' behind suicide bombers is the fraudulent story invloving Israel's supposed murder of Mohammed al-Dura.

Just go to Google and look up the "al-Dura Affair" and one quickly finds that this was a 'Palestinian' ploy (as with the other countless ploys).

How many Jews have been murdered to 'avenge' the death of the al-Dura child? The numbers of the innocent slain are countless. Yet the media & Western governments (which Ariel Sharon is a part of) are silent... they continue to allow this fraudulent terrorist motivational story to go unanswered.

As for on our side, I admit that we do have a religous motivation. The difference being that our religous motivation is for the equal treatment of human beings. Judaism has not oppressed the Muslims. Judaism openly welcomes people all faiths within the borders of our nation... with one exception: FOLLOW THE LAW OF OUR LAND.

This means that they will have to stop screaming death to Jews and Christians in their mosques. They will have to become productive citizens and follow the rule of law.

It is well known and provable that Israeli Arabs hold so much greater freedom within the borders of Israel than they do within Arab nations. Israel allows for Arabs to hold seats in the knesset (our parliment), they can vote for whom they choose, and they can speak out against the government as all citizens of a democratic nation can.
A majority Arabs & Muslims want nothing to do with democracy, so we find ourselves with our wheels spinning.

The problem with our ideas on democracy is that we automatically assume that all people on Earth can be bought, and that all people want to live in a free and open society. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Islam is stuck in feudal mindframe, and to the average Muslim, one should not be given the freedom to break the will of Allah. They want nothing to do with democracy because it's not an idea that is compatible with the dogma of Islam.

So yes there is a difference between Judeo-Christian values and Muslim values. Our religions are NOT the same, and we do not fight for the same reasons.

The Muslim fights to kill the infidel (Christians and Jews), and we Jews fight so that we can awake to see another sunrise. Nation after nation has attempted to wipe us off the face of the earth for 3300 years, so history alone will back me up on my claim that our fight is a fight for survival.

9/26/2005 07:44:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i mostly agree with what you are saying. but what do you expect from these arabs? deceit is an accepted practice in their part of the world. islam makes it clear that no matter what the costs, the non-believers should be slain.

9/26/2005 08:23:00 AM  
Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Yes, Mr. Anonymous, I agree with you wholeheartidly. That is exactly the point I am trying to make.

You cannot negotiate with people who do not understand the concept of a negotiation. A negotiation to an Islamist is not IF you will tuck your tail and run, but WHEN you will do so.

9/26/2005 09:30:00 AM  
Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Dear Inquisitor,

1. You are missing my main point. It's not a failure of mainstream media for not noticing the truth. The media (as the media file pointed out) had the full un-cut version of the clips. French media in particular took an active role in editing those films to make it appear as though Israel had perpertrated a crime against innocent civilians.

2. No, bin-Laden hates America... Bush's problem is that he only hates those who in the way of his pocket book. He has no idealogy. As much as I detest bin-Laden, I will admit that he knows no fear... he says something and he means it (he has an idealogy).

The point is, I like the Bush photo because it's simply an illustration as to where his loyalties lie. He is in it for the almight dollar. Oil.

But, I DO support the war in Iraq... but I don't support Bush's reasons (I love seeing Arab dictators get crushed)

3. I agree with you on this point, well said.

4. No, they are not pro-Israel. They are pro-western agenda. This means that in their plans, they need Israel on the map to be a counter-balance to the Islamists, but they won't allow Israel to become to powerful or they might anger their Islamic friends who control the oil fields. It's a game of balance for the west, but it's a game that is causing Jews to get murdered.

5. I don't quite know where you are going with point #5, but if I understand you correctly then I would say that this would be true in regard to the position of Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres. They will compromise anything and everything in order to achieve their goals of greed. It's a well known fact that Ariel Sharon has much to gain financially from the expulsion of Jews from Gaza (his casino).

6. I agree with you on this point as well. Democracy was hijacked in Israel and the United States long ago, and all that's left is the appearance of a democracy. All-in-all, to the west, Israel is getting in the way of their dream of Globalism (and for one detest globalism).

7. The reality behind the staged propaganda is a simple reality. The Arabs want to see another Islamic state that encompasses the whole land of Israel. They will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to stamp out the Jewish presence in the middle east. There is no justification for suicide bombers. One cannot state that it's okay to send your children with AK-47s onto a battlefield. Such realities should not be an accepted world view point.

9/26/2005 10:28:00 AM  

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