Thursday, September 22, 2005

The True Reason for the Expulsion

It's really a waste of energy scratching our heads in wonderment as to why so many Jews supported the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and will continue to support the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Pick up a book on Jewish history and the answer is clear. This is a classic Jewish battle of the covenant forces and the anti-covenant forces. The neo-helenists are alive and well in today's Jewish world. In one camp you have those of us who snuggle up close to the covenant to keep warm, and in the other camp we have our fellow Jews who believe that the covenant is outdated and of no further use. This is old news. As Melech Shlomo said, "There is nothing new under the sun". The Jewish left has convinced itself (as in previous generations) that they have finally found the key to unlock the heart of the nations that have closed the Jewish people out. The land is the intricel piece of the covenant that keeps us bound to G-d's promise. They want to throw that piece out the door in the hope that the covenant will go with it. They truly believe that we can join the world commuity on equal standing, and that the nations will embrace us in their bossoms. There has almost always been a leftist Jewish sect that has looked for an opportunity to be loved by the world. Really it's a case of denial. They do not want to believe Hashem when he told us that we are different. They think that they know better than G-d and that they can overcome this difference. And for the true leftists, it doesn't matter what the price is. They see it as a worthwhile endeavor that will be successful in the end. That's the problem that we face on the religous right. Our own worst enemies have always been our own brothers. There has always been a Jewish faction that believes that if we only tear up the covenant, then the world will accept us as one of their own. The reason why this has failed is because it's impossible for a mortal being to disregard a promise that G-d makes. He promised us that His convenant with us is everlasting. I am not saying that we will not be punished for attempting to forget our covenant with Him, I am simply stating that it will always be there waiting for us to embrace it. There is no answer as to how to make the left join us in this embrace. That's the wonderment of freewill. We love the covenant because we can, and they choose not to because they have the right not to. They have made a conscious decision that it would be more pleasing for them to live under the umbrella of mankind than to live under the protection of the Almighty's eternal promise. The leftist Jews support the expulsion because they are expelling Jews who embrace this promise. They really believe that the Torah is outdated and is simply a history book. Therefore it is their way of teaching those of us who love Torah that we are holding on to the past. They want to convince us to join the helenists in accepting the world's view. Yet, if they really do believe that it is only classic Jewish literature, why do they not learn from it? Do they not know that their camp has been trying to accomplish this since G-d led us out of Egypt? Do they not know that it has always ended up in failure? In the end, I have no idea what the answer is. All we can do is live our own lives to halachic standards, and do our utmost to convince the left we are called the "right" for a reason. If we are not able to do this, then Hashem will be forced to do what he has always done... teach us in his own way. And if they'd take a closer look at our people's history, they'd see that it isn't an ounce of fun being punished by the G-d they have chosen to forget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i completely agree with you, i prefer that we not go through that mess

9/22/2005 03:02:00 PM  

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