Friday, September 23, 2005

Land and Peace

Devarim 11:8 Ush'martem et-kal-hamitzvah asher anochi m'tzav'chah hayom l'ma'an techezku uvatem virishtem et-ha'aretz asher atem ovrim shamah l'rishtah So you shall observe the entire commandment that I command you today, so that you will be strong, and you will come and possess the land to which you are crossing to possess it >>>-----------> These words need to be a reminder of the importance of the mitzvos. Hashem gave us the law to make us righteous and worthy of the covenant. Therefore, by the very virtue of the observation of all the mitzvos we allow Hashem to give us the strength to possess the land. Jewish strength and Torah observance go hand-in-hand. We cannot be a strong people without the desire to perform mitzvos. This particular scripture is of the utmost importance to our generation. The reason I say this is because we are living in a time where such a large majority of Jews are inclined to lean on the western nations for support. They fear that if America were to withdraw her support of the Jewish nation that Israel would fall. The problem with this reasoning is that America is only our ally if G-d so decrees it. Every nation on Earth is but a pawn in G-d's world. In order for Israel to remain within safe borders, observing the law that G-d gave us is mandatory. This means that defying the will of America is neccesary in order for her to remain our ally. What I mean by this is that when America pressures us to give up our land (such as we saw in Gush Katif) we must staunchly say "no". You may wonder, "how does this keep America as our friend?" And I say to you as I stated before, America is only our ally because G-d decrees it so. If we run from our land and submit to America's will, we must shun G-d to fulfill their desires... therefore if we are so quick to forget G-d's promises to us, why should He allow America to remain our ally? We are strong not because of our American ally, but because of our covenant with G-d. By observing the mitzvos that G-d commanded us to fulfill, we are welcoming the blessings of safety from Hashem. This means that by the very act of putting our foot down and holding on to the land (which is deeply rooted in the covenant), despite world pressure to do the opposite, we are telling Hashem that our fear is reserved for Him alone. If we reserve our fear for Him alone, it will not matter if America is our ally or not. If we embrace our eternal covenant by holding on to our land, it's a clear statement to G-d that the halacha is everything and the will of the nations is nothing. When we finally decide to do this, then there will be peace and safety... and best of all, the world too will know the fear of G-d.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very good, i like the cross reference...

gut shabbos to you

9/23/2005 10:51:00 AM  

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