Friday, September 30, 2005

Missionaries and the Talmud

Shabbos will begin for me in less than two hours, but I wanted to take a quick moment prior to that to talk about an interesting phenomenon. I have noticed that whenever I am online in chat forums, many missionaries (the ones who pretend to be Jewish) are very drawn to talk to me in particular. I don't know why, but that's not the point I am trying to make. The reason I bring this up is because I have noticed that they always want to know why we do the things that we do as Jews. Because so many of our daily religious activities are thoroughly outlined in the Talmud, it never fails that our conversations abruptly end once when the words 'Talmud' or 'Oral Law' are brought up. The missionary-messianics are scared to death of the Talmud. Honestly I find it very humorous. Allow me state that I do not care if they read the Talmud or not, because the overall majority of missionary 'messianic Jews' are not even really Jewish anyway. They were not born of a Jewish mother, nor did they convert to Judaism in the proper halachic fashion. Therefore it's not a set of books that they should care to read. I don't hold their lack of zeal against them. So you are probablly wanting to know, why is this so funny then? It's humorous to me because these 'messianics' follow the Talmud, yet they do not read it. Yes, that is right, the messianics agree with the Talmud, yet they have convinced themselves that they do not. So how do I know that the so-called-messianics follow the Talmud? Look at their heads to start with. A good majority of these messianics wear kippot. If they are so at odds with our sages, why do they heed their words? It's well known that nowhere in the Tanach does it command that we as Jews keep our heads covered. Yet, the Talmud says to "Cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you". Therefore those of us who are observant Jews wear a kippah because our sages believed that it was the Jewish thing to do. So on one hand, they are critical because we study and heed the Talmud, but on the other hand they can't seem get enough of following the advice of the same men who wrote the volumes of the Talmud. Therefore, messianic only wear kippot because they are mimicking those of us who are halachically Jewish. Furthermore, we know to do this because our sages told us to in the Talmud. So in reality, the messianics are following the Talmud by following our lead. The leaders behind the so-called "Messianic Judaism" knew exactly what they were doing when they mimicked us... they wanted to convert us by the art of deception. The only reason why they accepted so many precepts of the Talmud is because they wanted true Jews to feel 'comfortable' in their churches (what they call 'messianic synagogues'). They wanted to Judaize their sect of Christianity so as to make J.C. worship feel like it were the Jewish thing to do. Anyway, shabbos is rapidly approaching and I have things to do, so I will go into further details of messianic deception another time. Shabbat Shalom to all

Thursday, September 29, 2005

There is Nothing New Under the Sun

Ynet reports: Muhammad Ranaim, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and a Fatah leader, said a third intifada was very possible. "There could be a third intifada, which would be much more severe than its predecessor." He later went on to state, "...the bottom line is that Israel did not defeat the Palestinian resistance. Israel withdrew from Gaza and accepted the road map, so everyone should realize that this intifada achieved [success]." Tovya says: Just like we said all along, our 'gesture of peace' was nothing more than a statement of weakness. The Arabs enemy will continue their terrorism and murder because they know that we don't have the stomach to fight. They believe us to be weak. Then again, who I am I to argue with such reasoning? Every murderous act they commit gets them what they want, so why should they stop? Why stop at a 3rd intifada? Why not make 4 or 5 in a row? Shlomo HaMelech said it best when he said, "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun." We will make concessions and the Arabs will laugh at us and kill more of us. Everytime the Leftists get together and come up with a new appeasment plan, the Arabs take what is offered, and then kill some more Jews so that they will go back to the drawing board and think of something else to give them. No matter what we surrender, no matter how many times we hold their hands and sing kumbaya, they will still hate us. So why do we continue in this foolish suicidal path? Because "there is nothing new under the sun".

I Always Knew They Were Little Twerps

AP Photo

A Hamas terrorist can't see over the podium, so he stands on a concrete block to make himself taller. See I told you they were little twerps (and you didn't want to believe me).

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Do You Speak State Department?

The AFP reports: WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US government urged Israel to weigh its actions while simultaneously calling on the Palestinian authorities to dismantle "terrorist networks" amid a series of bombing raids and rocket attacks. "Both sides have responsibilities," stressed US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack. "On the Palestinian side, that responsibility is to act to stop any terrorism, to act to dismantle terrorist networks," McCormack told reporters at the State Department. "On the Israeli side, you're familiar with our message to them, and that is that they take steps to ease the daily plight of the Palestinian people as well as to, again, take into account the effect of their actions upon what all share as the ultimate goal of bringing peace and stability to the region," McCormack said. Tovya says: Are you able to understand anything that he just said? I know, I know, it's a very complicated dialect that is often misunderstood. Luckily for you though, I happen to be fluent in the foriegn language called "State Department", therefore I will do you the favor of translating it in simple English: "We blame the Jews for everything, we hold them fully responsible," stressed US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack. "On the Palestinian side, that responsibility is to limit terrorism, to pretend to dismantle terrorist networks," McCormack told reporters at the State Department. "On the Israeli side, you're familiar with our bias against them, and that is that they take steps to ease the stringent checkpoints that stop Arab terrorists, again, take into account the effect of their actions upon what all share as the ultimate goal of bringing the destruction of the Jewish people and jihad to the region," McCormack said.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bibi, Likud Support IS a Conditional Thing

Binyamin Netanyahu made the following statement after being defeated by Sharon in the Likud primaries: "I respect the democratic decision of the Likud. The decision also requires a clear commitment on the part of everyone that they will contend in the primary. [Membership in] the Likud is not a conditional thing." Be it that it might have been a shot directed at Ariel Sharon's willingness to abandon the party had he lost, it's no doubt that he also was directing this at the disappointed Zionist Likudniks. All I have to say to him is, speak for yourself Bibi, in theory Israel is still a democracy and it's too late to salvage Likud support on the religous-right. We got shafted by the Likud in September, so please forgive us if you find us acting in a conditional manner. We supported the Likud on the CONDITION that it had the best interests of Eretz Yisrael at heart. The Likud party has not acted in such a fashion that we expect from a party that claims to run on a Zionist platform. The voting members of the Likud clearly sent a message that Zionism and the protection of our sacred borders is no longer a primary party goal. The Likud party is more interested in protecting their coveted seats in the Knesset than safeguarding our beloved land and saving Jewish lives. It's now more obvious than ever that party over principal is not a disease that only the Leftists are infected with. The plague of the defeatist mentality of Oslo is alive and well within the Likud.

Wannabe-Jews for J.C.

I found this story on the 'net, and I thought it was great reading... It just goes to show that being Jewish means getting assaulted not only physically but spiritually as well. Our battle is not only against Islamic terrorists but also is a fight to save our people from falling into the clutches of missionaries.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hallmark Greeting-Rockets

WND Reported on 09/19/05 "Gaza is armed and the terrorists there have already started firing Qassams into [the Negev towns]," a spokesman from the Home Front Command, a division of the IDF, told WND. "We're trying to condition the children to get used to attacks so they have some sort of secure feeling when they start to hear that all these bad things might happen to them." Tovya Says: What is this insanity? Kick Jews out of Gaza and then teach young Jewish children how to deal 'with the trauma' of the results? Here, allow me help them with a little speech to tell the children: "Hello kids, many of you are probably wondering what those flying objects are that keep exploding on your homes and hitting your schools. Do not be troubled, as these are 'thank you' rockets. We in the IDF like to call them 'aerial hallmark greetings'. In the fine Arabic language, this is simply a formality of gratitude for your protectors running like scared dogs." A Word to the Wise: Americans, you should seriously take heed and pay attention as to what is going in Israel. Do not think that it is impossible for these Islamofacist murderers to show up in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles next. The Muslim terrorists are not blind to the fact that America has turned a blind eye to Israel's troubles. Islam is quickly learning that terrorism pays, and it's very likely that they will do the same thing in the United States. They already declared war on America 4 years ago in New York and Washington D.C., so do not think that you are immune from facing daily suicide bombings as well. America thought she was untouchable prior to 9/11, and then you woke up one September morning to a nasty truth. America is vulnerable, and the Muslim enemy knows this. He who betrays and ignores the plight of his friends may wake up one morning and find that his friends troubles have become his own. It's not too late to pour cold water on the head of the U.S. government and make them see the truth. I urge every American to tell their government that allowing the terrorists to win in Israel is a vital threat to U.S. national security.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Western Moral Depravation

Over the last many months, a violent crime was largely ignored by the media. I have no warm and fuzzy explanation as to why it was not covered by any major media outlet. The only explanation I have is ice cold and filled with utter heartache. Since the outbreak of the latest 'Intifada' in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, Israel has received nothing but blatant negative coverage for her handling of the terrorist activities perpetrated against her. There has been a non-stop barrage of anti-Israeli coverage criticizing every defensive action Israel has taken. Yet what if I were to tell you that the entire intifada was a game? What if I could prove to you that the media trumped up the intifada and took part in a secret lie to justify the violent terrorism perpetrated against Jews? Would you believe me? My guess is you would think I was crazy, and that I was writing this blog from a mental institution. Before you jump to conclusions regarding the state of my sanity, I challenge you to download and view the below television program and then come back to this blog and call me crazy.

The point that needs to be made from this is that Israel is in a very dangerous situation. The so-called democracies of the West are all well aware of the games that the 'Palestinians' play... and they are all too happy to play the game with them.

If you think I am wrong, how come you haven't seen this video clip on any world news outlet? Tell me why ABC, NBC, BBC, CBS, or FOX news haven't jumped all over this story. I mean afterall, it's a hot story. It proves that Israel is largely innocent, and that in all reality the 'Palestinians' are liars and murderers.

The problem is that it proves that Israel has done nothing wrong, and that would destroy their whole agenda. They hate Israel and would love to see it wiped off the map as much as the Arabs would. George w. Bush knows the truth... Tony Blair knows the truth... Jacques Chirac knows the truth... yet they are silent.

If you think I am wrong, just give me one good reason why there has been no outcry from these governments? You can't think of any can you? That's because there is no defense for allowing Jews to get murdered. The only reason for their silence is their hate for Israel.

This brings me back to another point I made in a previous article. I am sick and tired of hearing about how America is this great friend of Israel. Telling your friend to appease terrorists and run like a scared dog from their enemy is not the sign of a friend. Demanding that your friend not bring terrorists and murders to justice is not the sign of a friend. Knowing that the 'Palestinians' have been making fraudulent claims of brutality and remaining silent is not the sign of a friend.

The 'Palestinians' have used these fraudulent claims against Israel to inspire their martyrs (a.k.a. terrorists) to unleash death against Jews. The very rallying cry for the terrorists is based upon lies, and the world community sits silent while more of our Jewish brothers and sisters are murdered. The blood of our people drips down upon the heads of Bush, Blair, and Chirac... and justice must be brought down hard upon their own heads.

Has the world so slipped down into depravity that no one cares anymore? Have the values of democracy and equality so far escaped the psyche of the western world that the murder of human beings means nothing anymore?

Woe be the man that ignores truth, and take comfort in lies. I dare say that times such as these highlight my fears that mankind is in for some very dark days.

Hamas School of Terror

Friday, September 23, 2005

Arabs Doing What Arabs Do Best

The AP Reports: Palestinian militants and supporters of Hamas rush to the scene as bodies lay in the street after an explosion during a demonstration by the group in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, Friday, Sept. 23, 2005. A large explosion went off at a Hamas rally in this refugee camp Friday, killing at least four Palestinians and wounding 56, hospital officials said. Witnesses pulled body parts out of a vehicle that appeared to have been destroyed by the blast, which Palestinian officials said was caused when an explosive device in the vehicle went off. Israel army officials denied involvement in the incident Tovya Says: It looks like the Arabs are still unhappy. Now that there are no Jews left to kill in 'Gaza' they have decided to turn on themselves. It's just another day in the life of a worthless Arab existence. It shouldn't be too long before there are more deaths at the hands of their own brothers... I safely assume that this is just a sign of things to come. Civil war perhaps? I can only hope so! As long as they are killing each other, they will not be killing Jews. Or the other probability is that one of their homemade bombs turned on them and exploded before they could use it. Once again, allow me to say "good". As with the 'arabs-killing-arabs' theory, better them than us. If it was a bomb, chances are they intended to use it on Jews, so thank G-d that they killed themselves instead. The Watchman of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. Shabbat shalom to all.

Land and Peace

Devarim 11:8 Ush'martem et-kal-hamitzvah asher anochi m'tzav'chah hayom l'ma'an techezku uvatem virishtem et-ha'aretz asher atem ovrim shamah l'rishtah So you shall observe the entire commandment that I command you today, so that you will be strong, and you will come and possess the land to which you are crossing to possess it >>>-----------> These words need to be a reminder of the importance of the mitzvos. Hashem gave us the law to make us righteous and worthy of the covenant. Therefore, by the very virtue of the observation of all the mitzvos we allow Hashem to give us the strength to possess the land. Jewish strength and Torah observance go hand-in-hand. We cannot be a strong people without the desire to perform mitzvos. This particular scripture is of the utmost importance to our generation. The reason I say this is because we are living in a time where such a large majority of Jews are inclined to lean on the western nations for support. They fear that if America were to withdraw her support of the Jewish nation that Israel would fall. The problem with this reasoning is that America is only our ally if G-d so decrees it. Every nation on Earth is but a pawn in G-d's world. In order for Israel to remain within safe borders, observing the law that G-d gave us is mandatory. This means that defying the will of America is neccesary in order for her to remain our ally. What I mean by this is that when America pressures us to give up our land (such as we saw in Gush Katif) we must staunchly say "no". You may wonder, "how does this keep America as our friend?" And I say to you as I stated before, America is only our ally because G-d decrees it so. If we run from our land and submit to America's will, we must shun G-d to fulfill their desires... therefore if we are so quick to forget G-d's promises to us, why should He allow America to remain our ally? We are strong not because of our American ally, but because of our covenant with G-d. By observing the mitzvos that G-d commanded us to fulfill, we are welcoming the blessings of safety from Hashem. This means that by the very act of putting our foot down and holding on to the land (which is deeply rooted in the covenant), despite world pressure to do the opposite, we are telling Hashem that our fear is reserved for Him alone. If we reserve our fear for Him alone, it will not matter if America is our ally or not. If we embrace our eternal covenant by holding on to our land, it's a clear statement to G-d that the halacha is everything and the will of the nations is nothing. When we finally decide to do this, then there will be peace and safety... and best of all, the world too will know the fear of G-d.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sharon the Good Shepherd

Israeli Government Continues to Expel Jews

Arutz Sheva reports: Refugees Outraged as Gov’t Asks They Leave Hotels 18:31 Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765 ( The Disengagement Authority is pressuring 700 Gush Katif transferees to leave the hotels to which it moved them when the government destroyed their homes and communities last month. There remain less than two weeks until the Jewish holiday season begins, and it will bring with it another bit of topsy-turviness and change from routine. Most שmong those families are simply unready to move out. They are asking for a community housing solution to be found. Commentary: Are you shocked? First the government kicks them out of their homes, and now decides that wasn't cruel enough, and have decided to put them out on the street yet again. I swear I remember hearing the government say that they had the expelled Jews of Gush Katif's best interest at heart. This should be a valuable lesson to anyone in the "center" politically. Leftists care about Arabs more than they care about Jews. Actually they don't care about Jews period. They are sick people. This is further proof of what I had said in my previous post. This is a battle between the pro-covenant and anti-covenant forces. May Hashem protect our brothers and sisters.

The True Reason for the Expulsion

It's really a waste of energy scratching our heads in wonderment as to why so many Jews supported the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and will continue to support the expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Pick up a book on Jewish history and the answer is clear. This is a classic Jewish battle of the covenant forces and the anti-covenant forces. The neo-helenists are alive and well in today's Jewish world. In one camp you have those of us who snuggle up close to the covenant to keep warm, and in the other camp we have our fellow Jews who believe that the covenant is outdated and of no further use. This is old news. As Melech Shlomo said, "There is nothing new under the sun". The Jewish left has convinced itself (as in previous generations) that they have finally found the key to unlock the heart of the nations that have closed the Jewish people out. The land is the intricel piece of the covenant that keeps us bound to G-d's promise. They want to throw that piece out the door in the hope that the covenant will go with it. They truly believe that we can join the world commuity on equal standing, and that the nations will embrace us in their bossoms. There has almost always been a leftist Jewish sect that has looked for an opportunity to be loved by the world. Really it's a case of denial. They do not want to believe Hashem when he told us that we are different. They think that they know better than G-d and that they can overcome this difference. And for the true leftists, it doesn't matter what the price is. They see it as a worthwhile endeavor that will be successful in the end. That's the problem that we face on the religous right. Our own worst enemies have always been our own brothers. There has always been a Jewish faction that believes that if we only tear up the covenant, then the world will accept us as one of their own. The reason why this has failed is because it's impossible for a mortal being to disregard a promise that G-d makes. He promised us that His convenant with us is everlasting. I am not saying that we will not be punished for attempting to forget our covenant with Him, I am simply stating that it will always be there waiting for us to embrace it. There is no answer as to how to make the left join us in this embrace. That's the wonderment of freewill. We love the covenant because we can, and they choose not to because they have the right not to. They have made a conscious decision that it would be more pleasing for them to live under the umbrella of mankind than to live under the protection of the Almighty's eternal promise. The leftist Jews support the expulsion because they are expelling Jews who embrace this promise. They really believe that the Torah is outdated and is simply a history book. Therefore it is their way of teaching those of us who love Torah that we are holding on to the past. They want to convince us to join the helenists in accepting the world's view. Yet, if they really do believe that it is only classic Jewish literature, why do they not learn from it? Do they not know that their camp has been trying to accomplish this since G-d led us out of Egypt? Do they not know that it has always ended up in failure? In the end, I have no idea what the answer is. All we can do is live our own lives to halachic standards, and do our utmost to convince the left we are called the "right" for a reason. If we are not able to do this, then Hashem will be forced to do what he has always done... teach us in his own way. And if they'd take a closer look at our people's history, they'd see that it isn't an ounce of fun being punished by the G-d they have chosen to forget.

Monday, September 19, 2005

EU Bribes Terrorists

Arutz Sheva reports: EU Pledges $340 Million for PA 16:14 Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765 ( The European Union has pledged to transfer an additional 340 million dollars in aid to the Palestinian Authority. This newly pledged sum brings the total EU aid slated to reach the PA to 612 million US dollars. Commentary: As usual, the EU steps in and shows their true anti-Israel (anti-Semitic) colors by giving bribe-funds to the terrorists. Rumor has it they attached a note to the money that stated, Dear Palestinian Brothers of the Religion of Peace, We obtained this money from the Swiss Banks who stole it from holocaust victims. In closing, please use this money to kill Jews, not Europeans. With Love and Friendship, The European Union It's really not a laughing matter, but if you have so much as a pea-sized brain, it doesn't take much to figure out why the Europeans "love" the "Palestinians" so much. They "love" them for the reasons why the Arabs "love" the "Palestinians" so much. They hate Jews (and are mad as heck that their old subservient Jewish serfs have their own nation). I mean after we left Europe, the Jew-Tax just didn't make economic sense anymore (I am fighting back the tears of regret). Secondly, they are scared of the "Palestinians" bringing their murderous terrorists to Europe and back to the Arab nations that kicked them out. The point is, they both hate Jews, and they fear the "Palestinians". Therefore they reveal their true inner-self by buying off the terrorists and getting the pleasure of watching Jews get murdered. May the hand of Hashem strike back against our enemies to avenge the dead, and to bring glory to His Name.

Friday, September 16, 2005

My Birthday Wish for the UN

The United Nations is the biggest and most corrupt organization the world has ever known. The only reason why it is still in existance is because the U.S. taxpayers continue to fund its corruption. Despite this, the UN never fails to find a reason to ridicule the United States. It's a world body that is filled with socialists and dictators who do their utmost to use the UN as a launching pad against freedom and democracy. Frankly, as a fellow U.S. taxpayer, I would like to know what's wrong with our government? Give me one good reason why we should have anything to do with this corrupt organization? Just tell me one good thing it has accomplished in the last 60-years? I can name one thing, the establishment of the State of Israel. That's my entire list. My question to the UN is: What have you done for us lately besides steal U.S. taxpayer money to line your own pockets? My next question to the UN is, who do you think you scare? Your "peacekeepers" do nothing but sit back and watch people get murdered, and always get out of the way when an invading army gets close to one of your "buffer zones". The UN is guilty of being an accomplice to terror numerous times in Israel and Lebanon. It has sheltered Islamofacist terrorist leaders countless times, and done its utmost to stop democratic nations from squashing these Islamic terrorist pigs. The "world body" has become the "3rd World Body" and its using our money to fight us. From the "Oil for Food" program in Iraq to the war on terror in Israel, the UN is at the forefront of deceit and harboring the enemy. Yet where is the outcry? It's no secret that the UN is simply a pulpit for anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. So why do the American taxpayers put up with it? Are the American people too scared to take back their own money? Are they afraid of a bunch of cowards in New York whose idea of freedom is allowing dictators the right to use their soapbox for an anti-western agenda? Really, I find myself speechless everytime that socialist Kofi Annan opens his mouth. Why is he the UN leader to begin with? If we as Americans are paying for that joke-of-an-organization to stay in business, shouldn't we at least get to pick the leader? Shouldn't that leader be an American? I mean if they hate us so much, why don't they give us back our money? The answer is simple, it doesn't matter if the money comes from the people they hate (Americans) or the people they love (dictators & communists). They just love the fact it's money and it allows them to continue to be in love with their own greed. But even more importantly, why should they say anything nice about us? Afterall, we are the ones dumb enough to give them our money and then let them talk trash about us. They know that we will put up with it. So in the spirit of the United Nations' 60th birthday celebration, I would like to propose a toast: I pray that the U.S. taxpayer wakes up from their slumber and takes away your money so that your anti-western pulpit will crumble. May your organization fall apart and may each of you find yourself running to your Arab friends begging for amnesty from prosecution. And furthermore, may those who take you in treat you like the scum that you are, and show you the contempt that you deserve. Here's to hoping that the previous 60 years were the final chapters of a pointless existence from an even more pointless organization!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mexico Demands Back Texas

The Mexican government today released an official statement demanding that Texas be returned to the Mexican people. Apparently this announcement is preceeding a pending UN resolution that is expected to pass the world body later next week. Mexico has threatended that the border situation will become increasingly hostile, and that any American can and will be shot without warning. President Vincente Fox also stated that he is going to join forces with the Mexican drug cartel to ensure that the Americans heed his warning. He is further demanding a full return back to the pre-1848 borders and the right of return of the decendants of the Mexican population of California, Arizona, and New Mexico that fled prior to the invading American armies. At the announcement of this, their were mass riots in Mexico City. 500,000 protestors chanted, "Virgin Mary be with us, bring death to America". It is further reported that children were being given weapons, and that they intended to march straight to the border to confront U.S. Border Patrol. And then suddenly I woke up and realized none of this had really happended, and in reality this was all just an absurd fantasy. But there is a point to be learned. Had such events truly transpired, I don't think the American government would have lost much sleep. As a matter of fact, I'm sure U.S. Navy Seals would have had Vincente Fox's head in a box within a matter of hours. The U.S. Government would never sacrifice it's national security to appease a foreign power. Nor would the people of America allow a return of the decendants of refugees that fled prior to America's invasion of Mexico back in 1848. There would never even be a discussion about considering returning land to Mexico. Do you know why? Because Mexico lost the war fair and square. To the victors the spoils. An even more realistic scenario is that of the American Indians. They truly had their land stolen from them by every U.S. Administration for over 100-years. The U.S. Government broke every treaty it made with them, and forced them onto small plots of land (that gradually got smaller with each broken treaty). Where is the leftist outcry? Where are the UN resolutions demanding the the American government return the land it "stole" from the American Indians? Afterall, the Indians live on reservations that by all means could easily be called refugee camps without much of a stretch of the imagination. What if tomorrow Indian men, women, and children began crossing over the "Green Line" from the reservation to America-Proper and began blowing themselves up and taking out American's with them? What if you couldn't ride a bus or go to the mall without wondering if you would make it home alive? I mean, there's nothing more fun than dodging a few bullets at JC Penny's. Do you think America would suddenly appease the terrorists? Or do you think the public outcry would be to crush the terrorists? I think you know the answer. Is a dead Jew worth any less than a dead American? You may think that is a ridiculous question, but if your really sit down and think about it, America's actions involving Israel clearly state that Americans have more of a right to live than Israelis. G-d warned us that pride comes before the fall, and America has become so self-righteous she setting herself up for a big fall. I don't know how that fall will come, but don't think we are not just another empire than can easily disappear into a history book. Just ask the Romans, Persians, and Babylonians. They all had one thing in common. They were the most powerful empires of their time, and they messed with G-d's chosen people and then disappeared. If I remember anything in life, its something my grandfather told me. He told me that history protects us from making the same mistakes if only we will learn from it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Republicans & Democrats: The Difference

Due to the amazingly high number of critical emails I have received in regard to my previous post, I thought I would take the time to clarify my position. As I previously stated, I was a card-carrying member of the Republican party and a significant financial contributer to the party. But I am also an observant Jew, and therefore I must always closely follow Torah guidelines as to whom I support politically. Behind the scene, Democrats and Republicans are precisely the same when it comes Israel policy. I would like to stress the words "behind the scenes". On the surface, President George W. Bush says that he loves Israel. His actions state otherwise. When you as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth stand up and declare you will not negotiate with terrorism, you had better expect the same from your allies (i.e., Israel). The Bush administration has done nothing but give Israel the shaft at every opportunity it gets. I am tired of hearing about the high value of American lives, but then hear a speech about painful concessions on the part of Israel. I have stated it in previous articles, and I'll state it again, I am disgusted by a government (and yes I equally roll the democratic party in this) that has the chutzpah to make statements that imply that a dead American is worth more than a dead Jew. Anti-semitism takes many forms, whether it be blatant nazism, or covert anti-Zionism. President Bush and his beloved crew are guilty by their by their own deeds. I don't want to hear that they love us, I want them to prove it. Stop forcing worthless pieces of paper (also known as peace treaties) down our throats. We as a Jewish people CANNOT allow ourselves to be used as a pawn in the world's game of chess any longer. We have survived for over 3 millennia under a reign of global murder, and enough is enough. For the Democrats, they want to use us a scapegoat to promote their global "unity & understanding" agenda... and we as a Jewish people are not part of their plans. The Liberals of the world have decided that if they can kick us out of the picture, they can attain world peace. You don't believe me? Go find me a true-blue Liberal organization that supports Israel with no strings attached. You won't find one. What you will find is talk of how Israel is the primary cause of world instability. That's pure garbage. And the Republicans? They stand up and say "we love the Jewish people". So what do they do when their highest-ranking party member (the President) continues to pressure Ariel Sharon into tucking Israel's tail between its legs? Nothing, they are completely silent. For them, it's party over principal. They'll follow Bush to the gate of hell if it buys them positive media with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingram. There are many G-d fearing/Israel loving Republicans and I would never take away a blessing of good will from them. Yet, there is a very familiar situation in Israel that is taking place amongst the Likud party. Both the Republicans and Likud party have a longstanding record of taking pro-Zionist stance. But at the top positions in both parties (held by Ariel Sharon in the Likud Party and Bush in the Republican Party), you have corruption and hypocracy. I cannot support either party when their leadership displays such a blatant disregard for morals and principals. Its not my responsibility to make them do this, but I can do my part my withdrawing my allegiance and holding back my money. The point I am trying to make is that with Democrats I know what I am getting. They openly criticize everything Israel does. I don't like it, but at least with the Liberals I know that I will not vote for them. They already told me how they feel about Israel. I make a strong effort at being critical of the Republicans because they lied to me. Bush himself, the the prominent figurehead of the Republican party, told me that he would never (nor expect Israel) to negotiate with terrorism. I therefore gave them my money and allegiance based upon this promise. After 9/11 I expected more from him, and I expected the rest of the Republicans to back up their "love for Israel" and they have not. When asked to choose between the lesser of two evils, I will choose neither. As choosing evil is not even a valid option for me. I expect virtue and principals from my leadership. If that's not what I can expect from the Conservatives, then they can count me out in 2008. I for one will take a stand and not support any party that takes actions that puts the Jewish homeland in danger. I am a man of principal. (Closing Note-: For all of you who emailed me who said that I should be more critical of Ariel Sharon, please see my previous articles. I have always laid the blame primarily on his shoulders. Although I am Jewish, I have never financially supported the Likud party and I am not an Israeli citizen, therefore I am being critical of MY OWN government here in the states. I am an American citizen excercising my right to criticize my own government, which unfortunately is not always allowed in Israel due to media censorship... but that's another story for another time.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Moshiach, Achshav!!

Dear President Bush, In my humble Jewish opinion you are a low life and a treacherous human being. Yes you, the "Bible Believer", are nothing but a hypocrite. When I daven, I think of you. Yes Mr. President, I do. I ask everyday for vengence from Hashem for your betrayl of His Holy people. I voted for you in 2000 and 2004, and I contributed generously to your campaign. You lied to me, and you deceived me by betraying my beloved Eretz Yisrael, and I only wish I could get a refund so I could give that money to the exiles of Gush Katif instead. Now I know that you and your Islamo-Facist Arab pals are laughing. You think you pulled a fast one on us. And I'll agree, you got us. Unfortunately for you though, you also pushed G-d around, and He doesn't take too kindly to disrespect from mere mortals. Therefore my advice to you is this. Get on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. Not to me, not to the grieving Jewish mothers who have lost children due to your actions... but beg for forgiveness from my G-d. Hashem clearly decreed that He would curse those that curse the Jewish people. Therefore, for the sake of your own people, it is in America's best interest that you humble yourself before your Maker and reveal your shame. My second prayer is that we both be alive to see the revealing of moshiach in our generation. I have asked G-d that you be one of the goyim that grabs me by my garment and declares "I have heard that G-d is with you". Now wouldn't that be something? If that were to happen, the fat check that I wrote to you would be worth every penny. You cannot hide from Hashem, Mr. President. Here's to moshiach in our generation, and the blessings and curses that come from a G-d who forgets nothing. Sincerely, A former Republican Party member

Monday, September 12, 2005

Desecration of the Name

I am absolutely positively speechless today. I can't think of a time when it was harder to concentrate davening shacharis before in my entire life.

I am awe struck that our orthodox leadership didn’t demand that the Gush Katif synagogues be dismantled and moved. As a matter of fact they demanded that they be left intact. It’s a sad excuse to hear them say that it is forbidden to tear down a synagogue, because if done properly, that’s just not true.

We have an OBLIGATION as a Jewish people to protect our shuls, and to not allow our holy places to be desecrated by the enemy. Do you not know the rule the mezuzah? If a Jew moves from his place of residence, he is obligated to remove all of his mezuzot if he feels that the mezuzot might be desecrated by non-Jewish inhabitants once he leaves.

Are you to tell me that we will not do the same for our synagogues? That’s outrageous.

The rabbis were correct in that it is forbidden for a Jew to TEAR DOWN or BLOW UP a synagogue. Yet we could have dismantled the synagogue and transferred it. Even here is America we are allowed to abandon a shul and leave it intact (if our congregation is moving to a new building) as long as we know the building will be respected by its new owners.

We knew good and well that the Arabs would come behind us and set our shuls ablaze… and there is no excuse for our inaction.

I understand completely the mindset behind leaving them up, but we cannot allow Islamic terrorists to come in behind us and desecrate our holy places. Sometimes, we have to refrain ourselves from making a point if by doing so we allow the places we have consecrated to G-d to be desecrated.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Standup and You Shall Find Victory

Victory is in the wings. Hashem has promised us victory if only we would standup receive the victory that He has provided to us. So what stops us as a Jewish people from doing just that? It's the fear of man. The fear of world opinion and global boycott keeps us from doing the will of G-d. We have stopped fearing G-d, and we have forgotten the eternal covenant. From the reaches of Heaven, I hear the voice of Hashem calling, "forget not where your fear should lie, O'Israel". G-d wants us to be safe, He wants us to find peace. But peace cannot be found outside of the convenant for us. We have to rely on G-d alone for sanctity and security. The Tzahal is strong, but is only strong because G-d declares so. G-d keeps his protection over our little nation because He loves us, and because he keeps his promises. It's out turn to be faithful to Him, as he has allowed us to survive 2000 years of galus. It's our turn to say thanks, and give Hashem what he is asking for. Let's declare victory by embracing the covenant and telling the world that we will crush the muslim terrorists, and if they don't like it, they can file a complaint with the almighty.