Monday, August 15, 2005

Wanted: A Leadership that Cleaves to the Covenant

I am so angry I can't even see straight. I am mad at Ariel Sharon for being so filled with selfishness and greed that he would have the residents of Gush Katif pay the price for his crimes. Instead of being a man, and accepting the consequences of his failed Greek bribery, he will do whatever he can to keep himself from a conviction. I am irate that the so-called "dove" Shimon Peres, who has so much Jewish blood on his hands, still shoves French desires down the throat of Israel. I am antagonized by a person who is so openly against G-d's covenant, and yet he sits on his high horse and continues to influence such a large portion of Israeli society to encourage their own deaths. Have we learned nothing after thousands of years in exile? Has being banished for so long caused us to lose our backbone? Have we been hated for so long that we now have become comfortable with the idea? My brothers and sisters, do you no longer care? I am incensed that groups such as as Hadassah and B'nai B'rith support the expulsion of Jews from the land G-d promised us. Have you no shame? Have you truly cut yourself off from you people, and convinced yourself that you can become one with the goyim? Are you so ignorant of history that you do not realize that assimilation is impossible? No matter how much you appease the goyim, in the end they will still hate you! Today's Jewish leadership is like our ancestors in the desert who complained to Moshe to take them back to die in Egypt. Todays leadership are so desperate to be like the goyim that they are willing to trade the covenant to get it. It's been tried before, and it doesn't work. Hashem told us our covenant that cleeves us to him is unbreakable and eternal. The covenant is a shield that protects us from being assimilated. We are different from the rest of the world, and nothing you do will change that. Eretz Yisrael is ours because G-d said so, and no matter what you do, you cannot change this. I warn you, do not test G-d! I beg of you, do not desecrate the name by adding insult to injury! Do not forsake the promise that Hashem made to us by leading so many people to their deaths. To bow down before the idols of west will cause us nothing but pain, and further anguish!


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