Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Prayer for Gush Katif

The times in which we currently live are shaping into one of the most critical events in our history. Another siege is taking place, and the Jewish people have once again found themselves surrounded by an army that wants them off of Eretz Hakodesh. The survival of the Jewish state is once again in question, and the enemies of Hashem are plotting against his people. Yet where is the Tzahal? Where are the mighty soldiers of the IDF to come and save the day with the blessing of G-d? Over the hilltop, look over there! I see them coming, tens of thousands! Maybe all hope is not lost, shall we see victory again? What is this? What are they doing? They are driving past our enemies and they are headed towards us. Now they are surrounding us, and are demanding that we surrender our homes, and that we leave this holy plot of land. Is this a dream? Can it be true that the IDF has now become an ally of the Arabs? Why are they not defending us? Hashem, G-d of our fathers, the protector of this land, please stand up for Your holy people! The nation is split, and we have become our own worst enemy. Please come in with Your mighty hand, and protect the holy remnant of Your people. You made an offer to Avraham that You would spare Sedom and Amorah if he could find but 10 righteous people within. Hashem, we have so many more righteous than that! Look at Your people my G-d, they are not backing down. They are standing strong, they are holding firmly to Your Holy Promise. Hashem for the sake of the tens-of-thousands of righteous, would you not spare Jewish Gaza? I ask if it be your will Hashem, that you would tell our brothers in the IDF to not do the this horrible act. G-d please give them the fortitude to disobey the exulsion order. Hashem for the sake of Your Name! I ask that you not allow our enemies to mock Your name, nor allow them to laugh at Your people. Please remember the covenant You made with our father Avraham, and let your mighty hand rule the day. Merciful G-d your servant stands humbily before you, and ask this of you. Please remember the righteous. Amein.


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