Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Jerusalem, and then Tel-Aviv

The Arab demands will not end with Yerushalayim. They believe Tel-Aviv is theirs as well... and Haifa, Yafo, and every other city in our beloved Eretz Yisrael. And more over, they will kill all of us to get it. You leftist "doves" can live in the fantasy world in your head that says one day the Arabs will hold hands with us and sing Kumbaya, but in the end they have a special bullet for each of you as well. As I have previously stated, and I shall state again, the Europeans and Americans will abandon us in the end. They like to see a dead Jew as much as the Arabs, but they just like to call it anti-Zionism instead of anti-Semitism. Beginning with the Romans all the way up until the European Union, they have strongly rooted the belief within themselves that the world would be a better place if they could just get rid of us. They will believe that all the world's problems can be eliminated by making the world free of Jews. If you are Jewish and you believe that America loves you, I am most afraid for you. I am not saying that every American is an anti-Semite. I am saying that the government's official policy is, and the U.S. State Department has an anti-Jewish mindframe that has always been at the forefront of it's foreign policy. They believe that by feeding us to the hungry alligator, the alligator's hunger will be quenched and it will leave them alone. They also have a vested financial interest in the Muslim world in the form of oil. It should be no shock to the world that man will throw morality out the door to make a buck. There is no way to save the goyim and make them see the truth. That's not the way G-d set it up. G-d made us different so that we would BE different. The ways of the world are evil, and filled with greed and selfish desire. Hashem does not want this for us. He want's us to turn our eyes to him first, and seek worldly pleasure as a secondary measure. There is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in the things of this world. Hashem created both good and evil, and expects us to seek the good in the world to make it a better place. Therefore there is nothing wrong with seeking peace with our enemies, G-d expects us to seek peace... but only when it's a time for peace. Now is not the time for peace. Now is the time for war, and the time to survive. I truly believe that we are living in the age of moshiach, but I am not fooled into believing that it's a guarantee for this generation. If we are so stupid that we will aid in our own destruction again, who is to say that Hashem may not make us wait for a later generation to reveal moshiach? If we run to the enemy with open arms and declare that we trust them more than we trust our G-d, why should he save us? What incentive do we give Hashem to keep us from finding ourselves in galus again? The goal of every Jew needs to be the act of shunning the world. We need to standup at every oppurtunity and tell the goyim that we do not need them. We need only G-d. As a people we must tell the west that their ways are not the ways of our G-d. We must show G-d that we fear nothing but him, and that we find security in Hashem alone. We must stop this dancing game, and cease holding G-d's hand with our right hand and the world's with the left. We must decide what is important to us. Is it our beloved covenant or is it the kiss of death that the world has in store for us? We can't have both (and our 2000 year history in the galus should make that obvious). I choose life and by choosing life, I choose the path of Hashem. I want to see see moshiach in my lifetime, and I want to see it under the most wonderful of circumstances. I want to see moshiach in a time of Jewish strength... not in a time of Jewish turmoil... not in a time where we find Tel-Aviv as our last stronghold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boruch Hashem, you are right, we should stand back for nothing!

9/03/2005 07:07:00 PM  

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