Tuesday, August 30, 2005

First Jerusalem, and then Tel-Aviv

The Arab demands will not end with Yerushalayim. They believe Tel-Aviv is theirs as well... and Haifa, Yafo, and every other city in our beloved Eretz Yisrael. And more over, they will kill all of us to get it. You leftist "doves" can live in the fantasy world in your head that says one day the Arabs will hold hands with us and sing Kumbaya, but in the end they have a special bullet for each of you as well. As I have previously stated, and I shall state again, the Europeans and Americans will abandon us in the end. They like to see a dead Jew as much as the Arabs, but they just like to call it anti-Zionism instead of anti-Semitism. Beginning with the Romans all the way up until the European Union, they have strongly rooted the belief within themselves that the world would be a better place if they could just get rid of us. They will believe that all the world's problems can be eliminated by making the world free of Jews. If you are Jewish and you believe that America loves you, I am most afraid for you. I am not saying that every American is an anti-Semite. I am saying that the government's official policy is, and the U.S. State Department has an anti-Jewish mindframe that has always been at the forefront of it's foreign policy. They believe that by feeding us to the hungry alligator, the alligator's hunger will be quenched and it will leave them alone. They also have a vested financial interest in the Muslim world in the form of oil. It should be no shock to the world that man will throw morality out the door to make a buck. There is no way to save the goyim and make them see the truth. That's not the way G-d set it up. G-d made us different so that we would BE different. The ways of the world are evil, and filled with greed and selfish desire. Hashem does not want this for us. He want's us to turn our eyes to him first, and seek worldly pleasure as a secondary measure. There is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in the things of this world. Hashem created both good and evil, and expects us to seek the good in the world to make it a better place. Therefore there is nothing wrong with seeking peace with our enemies, G-d expects us to seek peace... but only when it's a time for peace. Now is not the time for peace. Now is the time for war, and the time to survive. I truly believe that we are living in the age of moshiach, but I am not fooled into believing that it's a guarantee for this generation. If we are so stupid that we will aid in our own destruction again, who is to say that Hashem may not make us wait for a later generation to reveal moshiach? If we run to the enemy with open arms and declare that we trust them more than we trust our G-d, why should he save us? What incentive do we give Hashem to keep us from finding ourselves in galus again? The goal of every Jew needs to be the act of shunning the world. We need to standup at every oppurtunity and tell the goyim that we do not need them. We need only G-d. As a people we must tell the west that their ways are not the ways of our G-d. We must show G-d that we fear nothing but him, and that we find security in Hashem alone. We must stop this dancing game, and cease holding G-d's hand with our right hand and the world's with the left. We must decide what is important to us. Is it our beloved covenant or is it the kiss of death that the world has in store for us? We can't have both (and our 2000 year history in the galus should make that obvious). I choose life and by choosing life, I choose the path of Hashem. I want to see see moshiach in my lifetime, and I want to see it under the most wonderful of circumstances. I want to see moshiach in a time of Jewish strength... not in a time of Jewish turmoil... not in a time where we find Tel-Aviv as our last stronghold.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Wanted: A Leadership that Cleaves to the Covenant

I am so angry I can't even see straight. I am mad at Ariel Sharon for being so filled with selfishness and greed that he would have the residents of Gush Katif pay the price for his crimes. Instead of being a man, and accepting the consequences of his failed Greek bribery, he will do whatever he can to keep himself from a conviction. I am irate that the so-called "dove" Shimon Peres, who has so much Jewish blood on his hands, still shoves French desires down the throat of Israel. I am antagonized by a person who is so openly against G-d's covenant, and yet he sits on his high horse and continues to influence such a large portion of Israeli society to encourage their own deaths. Have we learned nothing after thousands of years in exile? Has being banished for so long caused us to lose our backbone? Have we been hated for so long that we now have become comfortable with the idea? My brothers and sisters, do you no longer care? I am incensed that groups such as as Hadassah and B'nai B'rith support the expulsion of Jews from the land G-d promised us. Have you no shame? Have you truly cut yourself off from you people, and convinced yourself that you can become one with the goyim? Are you so ignorant of history that you do not realize that assimilation is impossible? No matter how much you appease the goyim, in the end they will still hate you! Today's Jewish leadership is like our ancestors in the desert who complained to Moshe to take them back to die in Egypt. Todays leadership are so desperate to be like the goyim that they are willing to trade the covenant to get it. It's been tried before, and it doesn't work. Hashem told us our covenant that cleeves us to him is unbreakable and eternal. The covenant is a shield that protects us from being assimilated. We are different from the rest of the world, and nothing you do will change that. Eretz Yisrael is ours because G-d said so, and no matter what you do, you cannot change this. I warn you, do not test G-d! I beg of you, do not desecrate the name by adding insult to injury! Do not forsake the promise that Hashem made to us by leading so many people to their deaths. To bow down before the idols of west will cause us nothing but pain, and further anguish!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Failure of the Expulsion Plan

Dear Ariel Sharon, What are you doing? I know that your plan is to appease the Americans, make the Europeans love you, escape prosecution, and line your pockets with some casino money. There's only one problem with the scheme, Arik. It's already a huge failure. A) The American's can never be appeased enough. America made up it's mind a long time ago. It chose OPEC over the Jews, and they will not stop until the whole of Israel is Juden Rein. Just in case you are a little slow, Arik, that means they want us to leave. Not only Gush Katif, but the whole land of Eretz Yisrael. First Gush Katif, then Judea and Samaria, next they'll take the Golan, and as a x-mas gift to the pope they'll demand Yerushalayim. Don't forget that the Arabs still claim Tel-Aviv and Yaffo too, so you might want to tell your left-wing expulsion friends to start packing their bags. B) The Europeans are infected with the disease of anti-semitism. You can go hug, kiss and slobber all over Jacques Chirac until you lips go numb, but in the end he will still hate you. They have been rounding us up and finding excuses to murder since the middle ages, and that is just a fact of life you need to realize. All you are doing is helping our eternal enemies kill us... and that makes you worse than them. It's one thing to have your enemy try to knock you down, but it's a whole other ball game when your brother is holding you down while they beat on you. You will not escape justice Mr. Prime Minister. C) Your escape from prosecution is short-lived. Prosecution is coming in this world or the next. You have the burden of being hated by a lot of people, and eventually even the left-wingers who are protecting you will throw you to the sharks. Trust me, you already lost the political-right, so don't come back to us begging for forgiveness when your new secular friends drop you. Let's just say that you bought yourself some time, but don't call it escaping justice. Justice will find you when democracy is restored in Israel. D) Your building a casino next to one of the most notorious terrorist hotbeds. I hate to break the news to you, but Gush Katif will never be equated with Las Vegas. I mean you do have the mafia mentallity for it, but you chose a poor location for a casino. Think about it, the so-called "Palestinians" hate you. They know that you have an interest in this resort-casino. Do you know how tempting of a target that is for terrorists? How long do you think people will show up with the threat of car bombs and snipers looming over it? Worst of all, eventually you will be prosecuted (see reason C again if you need a reminder). To make a long story short, we will win in the end. We, the religous right have an unstoppable force.. and that's the promise given to us by Hashem. This land is ours as long as we will go in an take it. That is what we are doing, and that's why we are marching. We will beat the world because of the eternal covenant that binds us together.

Prayer for Gush Katif

The times in which we currently live are shaping into one of the most critical events in our history. Another siege is taking place, and the Jewish people have once again found themselves surrounded by an army that wants them off of Eretz Hakodesh. The survival of the Jewish state is once again in question, and the enemies of Hashem are plotting against his people. Yet where is the Tzahal? Where are the mighty soldiers of the IDF to come and save the day with the blessing of G-d? Over the hilltop, look over there! I see them coming, tens of thousands! Maybe all hope is not lost, shall we see victory again? What is this? What are they doing? They are driving past our enemies and they are headed towards us. Now they are surrounding us, and are demanding that we surrender our homes, and that we leave this holy plot of land. Is this a dream? Can it be true that the IDF has now become an ally of the Arabs? Why are they not defending us? Hashem, G-d of our fathers, the protector of this land, please stand up for Your holy people! The nation is split, and we have become our own worst enemy. Please come in with Your mighty hand, and protect the holy remnant of Your people. You made an offer to Avraham that You would spare Sedom and Amorah if he could find but 10 righteous people within. Hashem, we have so many more righteous than that! Look at Your people my G-d, they are not backing down. They are standing strong, they are holding firmly to Your Holy Promise. Hashem for the sake of the tens-of-thousands of righteous, would you not spare Jewish Gaza? I ask if it be your will Hashem, that you would tell our brothers in the IDF to not do the this horrible act. G-d please give them the fortitude to disobey the exulsion order. Hashem for the sake of Your Name! I ask that you not allow our enemies to mock Your name, nor allow them to laugh at Your people. Please remember the covenant You made with our father Avraham, and let your mighty hand rule the day. Merciful G-d your servant stands humbily before you, and ask this of you. Please remember the righteous. Amein.