Friday, July 29, 2005

Value of the Dead

Hating Jews for one reason or another is probably the longest running global past-time in the history of the world. The thing about anti-Semitism is that it's the only form of hate that is almost universally fashionable. In today's twisted world, a Muslim murder with a bomb strapped to his chest is called a "freedom fighter", and a religous Jew building a home for his family in Gush Katif is called a "bloodthirsty zealot". Yasser Arafat was hailed as a fallen "hero and patriot", but the late Meir Kahane was called a "terrorist and obstacle to peace". We have created a world that has become what G-d warned us to guard against. The world we live in calls that which is evil, "good" and that which is good, "evil". Hashem the G-d of my fathers has noticed, and his anger burns. George W. Bush was elected by a landslide by getting mostly what's been called "the moral vote". Yet this so-called "lover of freedom" and "defender of conservative values" has been everything but. On 9/11 (a day which needs no introduction) the history and course of America was changed forever. It was a day in which the magnitude of murder against Jews in Israel was personally felt like an earthquake in New York City. I rightfully felt at the time that the U.S. government would finally wake up and realize the danger of the Islamic enemy that we are dealing with. I believed that finally the U.S. government would understand that you cannot negotiate with terrorists. I was wrong. On one hand, Bush stands on his podium of hypocrisy and declares that America will not negotiate with terrorists. And he was right on that point... America didn't. Why should it? Yet not even a week had went by after the destruction of the twin towers, as the fires still burned, and the State Department was already back in high-gear demanding Israel to continue down the "path to peace". The U.S. government continued pressing Israel to make "painful concessions" and negotiate with the terrorist PLO in the guise of the Palestinian Authority. The President of the United States and his administration wanted to send a clear message to the Israelis: "A dead American is worth more than a dead Jew". And all the while G-d's anger continues to burn. To make the mistake of believing this is just arrogance, would be a falsehood beyond recognition. Britain as we all know recently went thru a terrible series of terrorist attacks herself. I along with the rest of the world felt grief and sorrow for the losses of life that took place at the hands of murderous Islamic terrorists. Tony Blair valiantly stood up and declared that he would leave no stone unturned, and that he would hunt down these murderous villains... as he rightfully should. Yet instead of standing up and telling Blair to stand fast and keep on the path of peace, Bush rallied behind Blair and declared full American support for hunting down these terrorists. Alas, where is the rally cry in support of the Jewish state's war against terrorism? Why has there been no joint Bush/Blair/Sharon press conference stating that they will hunt down Islamic Jihad and Hamas wherever they may hide? All three nations face the same immoral enemy, with the same murderous goals, and the same evil leaders. Yet instead of support, the west rebukes us, and tells us to be good little serfs and bow down to the terrorists. They expect us to run from Gush Katif and the rest of our holy Yesha. Is there a moral difference between our war and their war, or is it because, "a dead American or dead Brit is worth more than dead Jew"? G-d knows all and sees the wicked heart of man, and it's like coals in the fire of his fury, and his anger grows ever hotter. G-d has given the Americans and British an opportunity to repent, a chance to redeem their previous infidelities. He has provided them with a reason to befriend the Jew, and support the nation of Israel. Hashem has awarded the leaders of these "enlightened" nations the occasion to turn back from their evil, and yet they close their eyes. Their actions have made it clear that their plans do not include G-d's chosen people, and therefore do not include G-d Himself. They control their own world, and they will make their own rules. They will decide what to call "good" and what to call "evil". They are the masters of their own destiny... and all the while, G-d's anger approaches the boiling point. Make no mistake; the destiny of Eretz Yisrael does not rest on the shoulders of Tony Blair, George W. Bush, nor in another worthless U.N. Resolution. The fate of the land of Israel lies within the hands of G-d. There will come a day when the anger of Hashem finally boils over and the arrogant nations shall be humbled. The enemies of Eretz Yisrael shall have their sheep disguises ripped from them to reveal the wolf that stirs beneath. And although at this moment, the nations of the world mock us and says to us "you have been forgotten by your G-d", on that fateful day those same nations will declare "we have heard that G-d is with you." In that I find solace, and in that I find hope, because the true "road map to peace" readily approaches.


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