Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recognizing the Truth

Hypocracy is such a damning thing. The United States and Europe have begun to get a small taste of what it likes to live under the fear of terror... a small taste of what's to come. More suicide bombers are coming, and they want to see every westerner killed. And more over, they will gladly trade their life just to kill one of these "Infidels". You can try to appease them, or "buy" peace, but you shall do so in vain. You can tell them about the joys of Democracy, and the wonderments of Western society, but they will shrug it off and then hunt you down and kill you. I know everyone wants to believe that all men are the same inside, and that deep down we all just want peace. Unfortunately that is a distorted view of reality. I am going to tell you something that is both considered hate speech and politically incorrect. But if being politically incorrect is the means to obtaining our survival, then I am gladly guilty of this crime. The goal of Islam is to make the world the footstool of Allah. The world is currently faced with an enemy in Islam that demands that you either be a muslim, or face the sword of Mohammed. That's right, they don't want to be out friends or sit down and make peace. They want to kill all of us, because their prophet has commanded them to do so. They are not angry over Iraq or over the so-called "Palestinians", they are angry because no matter what they do, they can't beat us. This is unacceptable to Allah. He requires submission, and that's just something that we are not that good at in the west. Therefore, this war will continue until either we are wiped out, or the Islamic enemy is. We are faced with a decision that says that either we fight to win this war at any expense, or start reading the Koran and get ready to convert. That is the truth. I have had just about enough with Tony Blair & George W. Bush and their "Islam is the religion of peace" garbage. What I ask them is "says who"? Who says that the Islam is the religion of peace? The Koran? The Muslim Clerics? It's followers? NO! The answer is simple. They all sing the same tune, and that is the war song of their blood-thirsty diety who demands our conversion by the sword. They danced and celebrated at the outbreaking of the Intifada in Israel, and they held celebrations after 9/11. All these "peaceniks" who think that by appeasement and "understanding", that they will make the Muslim their friend are greatly mistaken. Islam sees all non-Muslim's as equal in the eyes of Allah... we are all infidels! Islam is the religion of the sword, and it's a sword whose thirst for blood knows no end. My only fear is that we are more concerned with not "hurting peoples feelings" then we are surviving. I fear that as an American Jew, my own government is more concerned with the bottom dollar and politcal correctness than they are with keeping me alive. I fear that our government really thinks that by pushing Israel towards her destruction, she will save herself. Let me assure you, if Israel is pushed out of the way, America and the West will be next. Islam is a like a ravenous viper. She may consume the whole of Zion, but as with any carnivorous creature, she will soon be hungry again and will continue until it has consumed everything. Hypocritical actions involving the U.S./European role in the situation that the Israelis face is the key to the downfall of the West. Islam knows that we are weak of heart, as they have realized that we don't mind sacrificing our allies to appease the viper. With one hand we stab the snake, and with the other we nurse it back to health. This is a sign of weakness to the followers of Mohammed, as they know that we don't have the stomach to protect ourselves. They know that our will to survive is less than our desire to feed our greed. Yet with this being said, it is not too late to save ourselves. We have the ability to crush Islam and make it run and hide underneath the rock that it crawled out from under. We could crush the the facist Islamic enemy simply by waking up and realizing that the truth... Islam is the enemy itself. Or we can take the path of the Romans, and wakeup one morning find our "superior" society being destroyed by mere "barbarians". Do we value our owns lives enough to take away the same from our enemies? Sure it's not pleasant, but the primary goal of a democratic government is the protection of it's people. Where is that protection? It's our decision, and it's one that must be made. Either we go the way of former great civilizations and be no more, or we learn from history and recognize the enemy by name and destroy it.


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